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Hello from newbie in Canberra


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Hi all,

Just a brief hello. Many years ago I was into breeding fish with friends (variety of tropicals, but mainly discus). Had a brief dalliance with marine tropicals (successfully). Life circumstances meant fish had to go, and I spent 20 years without tanks, water changes, panic in power failures (although we did have a couple of axolotls over the years with the kids). Thought I was cured.

Then, a couple of months ago, I quit smoking. This proved to be dangerous.

On a trip to buy supplies for cat and dog I saw a particularly good-looking betta............

.......... and of course I deserved a reward for 3 weeks without nicotine, didn't I?

Currently we have 2 male bettas in small triangular tanks (to be replaced by a barracks tank soon), one 20L tank with 3 coldwater fish and a 54L community tropical tank.

Son (18) seems to be infected as well - after dinner discussion tonight was trying to work out where we could fit more tanks in..........


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