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Little Copper Update


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Well this little guy still hasn't really grown up, he's still tiny but he's a cute little thing and his fins do seem to be getting longer :dontknow:

here he is in the old thread: http://ausaqua.net/forum/index.php?showtop...amp;#entry65482

and here he is today... I do like his fins though :blush:






He gets freeze dried blood worms, freeze dried blackworms, Tim Addis grade 12 and the odd frozen food (very occaisionally) as well as the odd bit of calcium powder or vitamins.... Don't know why he doesn't seem to be growing?

Anyways what do you think?

Plus he STILL hasn't got a name!

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he's the same age as my copper HMPK male - who is at least twice his size :D

he looks like a long finned male to me, but i dunno why his tail hasn't sprouted?? his fin have got a lot longer though stace!! he's looking very healthy and happy :lol:

but if he isn't going to grow, i may borrow him to breed with his tiny sister LOL

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Well I've never seen him flare although I'm sure he's built a tiny nest at one stage... He was kept with girls for quite a long time so I think he could be a bit confused still! he curls his dorsal like girlies do. But he's a cute active little guy. Yep his fins are longer except for his tail lol and his body is still small :D maybe he is gonna be a plakat.

I'm currently letting him have a run in my new 2 ft girly tank... maybe I'll pop the 3 copper girlies (same age as him but bigger - same spawn too wasn't it?) in with him and see what he does :D nah :P

Lol he looks so tiny in this huge tank!

And of course you can borrow him :lol:

Just this second I decided to call him "Charm" hehe sounds a bit better than "89" lol

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