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Hello dare

Guest aqualad

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Guest aqualad

Hi all,

Came across this forum and noticed it was local, well Aus anyway, and figured even tho it seemed mostly Betta oriented, I may as well sign up.

Never kept Bettas...sorry. No real reason I can think of, just havent found that path yet :)

I have a number of tanks;

One at work 29L aquaone with some tetras, SAE and a bristtlenose.

A 54L yabbie tank(my sons), another smaller yabbie tank with a female about to explode in babies.

A 54L community tank(my daughters), kribs, tetras,SAE,Kuhlis, yoyos, clowns, angel (yeah lots, they are being moved dont worry) ^_^

A monster 425L curved glass in the lunge, which is new. :P

I prefer natural tanks. I like variety, I dont go for large fish much, preferring schooling fish best. I tend to experiment a bit (not with the health or mental state of my fish tho) :P

Hmm I guess thats it for now.

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Guest aqualad

Many thanks for the warm welcome

... and most of all poo. We love poo. It's mostly fish poo. But we could talk about poo all day. :lol:

Hah I must get my daughter on here then as she loves the word "poo" or was that poop?

She goes on and on all day about the nitrogen cycle emphasising the fish poop bit :lol:

Ill try and get some photos of the yabby for ya

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