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which filtering system should i do?


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ok well is is pretty much a add on from my other thread, i have inlarged my tanks so instead of the 3 it holds 2

and i would also like to have a filter in them so i have drawn up 4 tanks and i would like your say in which one i should use

tank 1


tank 2


tank 3


tank 4


if you have a better idea please tell me im up for any ideas

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The dimensions are approximately (sorry, couldn't be bothered pulling them out of the tanks) 13 x 5 x 5 cm.

I've got several of those other little sponge filters as well. And yes, you can rotate the sponge any way you like. I like them as well. In really small tanks they take up a lot more room than the Hagen ones. If I'm using one of my tiny tanks for raising fry I use them regardless but if I've got an adult in there I prefer the Hagen. The Hagen filters are just smaller, neater, more compact. But I worry about fry getting caught in the grill.

Before I responded to this thread, I bought 3 of those little sponge filters from that eBay link you gave us. :thumbs: People seem to beat me to the good stuff recently, I wanted to get ahead of the pack. ROFL. But there's a few left. They're not that easy to find and that seller is selling them at an extremely cheap price. If I were you I'd grab a few. If you decide not to use them you can always sell them off later.

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thanks for the dimentions bettarazzi

i still cant make my mind up on which ones to buy the sponge filters or hagon filters

im thinking of buying the sponge filters because my tank stand is black so is the background and pebbles so i think people wont notice the black sponge filter so much

but then the hagon is smaller and i need all the space i can get because the tanks are now 4.2litres each

what do you think??

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There's no way you're going to be able to hide the filters. Even if they're black people are still going to see them. I think you'll find that the black sponge filters take up more room than you like. I don't know, I think either way you're going to notice the filters.

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Yikes! The sponge filters I bought have arrived and they're different to the ones I already had. These ones are smaller and you can't swivel the sponge up. So it has to stay in it's L-shape. Sorry for the wrong info. The one that is able to swivel is the XY-2830 which is a bit bigger. This one is the XY-2820.

I still think they're a good filter though and I don't regret getting them. These are small enough to fit into my 4 ltr tanks. And actually they're small enough to fit in a beanie box which I find mildly amusing. Hmm... little sponge filter in each beanie box... wonder how long the water would last. :no:

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i got the filters today and instead of them being ''L'' shaped ive changed them so there straight so they take up less room

they are working fine and im happy that they dont make much noise so i wont turn them off at night

this is the pic of the sponge filters and all ive done is take off the piece at the bottom that turns it in the red circle

and put the tube with the holes in the sponge into the part with the green circle

will this be ok??


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Hi Divy

I just wanted to ask you about the sponge filters you bought. Do you have an airpump or powerhead to run them? Do you know how many litres they are suitable for? Last question If you need to replace sponge how easy are they to get?



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I use those filters as well. They need an airpump to run them. Don't know how many liters they're suitable for but essentially the bigger the sponge the better. So it really depends how big a sponge you can fit into the tank you're intending it for. The really tiny ones like these I wouldn't put in anything bigger than a 10 litre tank. They come in larger sizes. I think that eBay seller stocks at least 2 sizes.

I don't think replacing the sponge is going to be an issue. They'll never rot under ordinary use. If your dog chewed it then you would have to buy a whole new unit. But they're so cheap it wouldn't be any cheaper just to buy the sponge.

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