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My first Betta


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Well after reading heaps on this forum and others about bettas and never really thinking too much about getting one I have fallen for one and had to buy him.

I was in the LFS lokoing for a couple of Ottos and happened past the new delivery of bettas, saw this little fella and thought immediatley, 19 litre QT tank empty with a 25 watt heater and small internal filter sitting there doing not much maybe he could go in there. So I took him home set the tank up and put him in. I was worried about the flow of the filter and though I may need a sponge filter but he seems to be getting around the tank ok and he has been in every part so he must be loving the space.

Currently on his own but maybe a few companion fish down the track somewhere, anyway took the best pics I could

His name is Jose (hoe-zay)





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