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  1. Just the one in the lounge, seems to be the limit and it is only a little one this has been through about a thousand makeovers currently my betta tank also has 4 khuli loaches 6 white clouds 4 serpae tetra 1 otto
  2. compromise achieved remove the light box - this is the thing she does not like put the stand and tank in the dining room, this room flows off the lounge anyway so from the sofa I can still see it diagonally across now once I finish the stand I can start a thread on setting up the tank. :D
  3. So I am standing in the lounge room and turn to the good lady wife and say. This corner would be great for when I finish the stand, She hits me with the bombshell, I don't want it in the lounge room!! Negotiations are currently in progress The current affair crew will be covering the irony of one of the most relaxing hobbies being the central point for domestic tensions
  4. you didn't read me my rights so I am pretty sure this can't be used against me in a court of law cord for the light box will run up the back of the support with enough play that when remove it can rest on the floor at the side. illumintation for major work will come from the aid of a cheap clip on light fitting from bunnings, this will clip on the top of the support and be permanatly plugged in to the sockets that will be in the cupboard. As I plan to have this diagaonally across a corner the clip on light will rest on a hook on the back of the stand when not required
  5. Hi Callatya the box just lifts up and off the support for when I will need to clean and do water changes
  6. Another update for this weekend Added first coat to the light box This is how far I have lowered it This how its attached, better pic than yestreday
  7. next bit painted the back of the tank black and also the support for the light box. Also filed the light box where I was not happy so I can start sanding again tomorrow before painting Attached the support to the stand and have lowered it a little more so it sits only a couple of inches above the tank.
  8. I was going to paint it. Was not sure on the colour whether the same as the stand or black, I have a spray can at home matt black that might do the job, you won't see the support once I paint the back of the tank anyway well you will see about 2 or 3 inches above the tank that is all I want to paint the light box first though as I may have no paint left once I finish that and give the stand and door another coat.
  9. Also lowered the light box so it would be closer to the top of the tank, does it look like I am getting enough light penetration?
  10. wired the lights tonight pic with no flash, lights off and lights on. Only using 3 x 11W and 1 x 8W, the final plan is to have 4 x 15W so more light output than shown here
  11. had not thought about moonlighting to be honest. This whole thing started off one night in the garage when I wondered if some old shelves could be used and it has blown in to a much larger and longer than anticipated project. Didn't really have much of a plan when I started I just sort of think of things and add to it when I can. My wife has called this the project that will never end, not sure about that I am getting pretty close to having this complete. So today I put the reflectors in the hood and also the light holders, I need to wire these in next and then see how it looks with som
  12. While I am here may as well put some pics of the fish on too
  13. Diffuser still woring well and my new piece from hong kong delivered for $10
  14. The plants seem happy I am dosing NPK 3 tmes a week - using seachem range but have dry powders ready to go as soon as I use up the bottles I have now N reading at 10ppm K have no idea PO4 reading at 1 ppm Iron and traces 3 times a week, using flourish for trace Having problems with green spot algae which I though was because phosphate was 0, but increasing my phospahte to get a reading now means it may be more light duration related. need to play with this as I am cleaning the glass each week and it keeps cmoing back. Anyway here are some pics
  15. since the second picure I have done a big trim, this was a couple of weeks ago, everything trimmed to half the height of the tank that was at the surface 2 weeks later it is like this - the hygro has grown up and gone the full length of the tank on the surface. The Val has grown up, forward and then comes down the front of the tank and touches the gravel. Ambulia at the surface baby tears near the surface. The growth has been quite outrageous and was never expecting to have to do such major trims every fortnight.
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