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  1. wait i just relised what you where on about, if you highlight it then a message appears, i was board

  2. whats with the blacked out sig?

  3. Hey hope u enjoy the site asd much as the rest of us :P
  4. wow nice fish, congrats, wow :P
  5. they are nice bettas, i love the first one, good luck with the children :P
  6. ahhhh where did you get him! do you think the breeder would post up to scotland?
  7. well i think im first but those are great pic none the less
  8. oh my he is beautiful! i wish i had one like him but the only male i had was a purpley blue vt, i am sooo gelous just now! :P
  9. i like it, i'd go for a few honey gouramies, and some valls in the back ground, coming round and ending halfway round the sides, seeing the honeys come through the valls would be amazing, * Goes to buy a tank, valls and reserves a few couples of honeys* i amaze my self Gaza :P
  10. jusdeb, if only i worked that out before i got my 3 spot gourami a wife, she liked my lava rock, too much . I used lava rock until that day... but now i love coconuts, cut a hole in it, then cut it in half, through the radius of the hole, and vola 2 caves for bettas kulies and guppies! yay! (bigger fish can lift the coconut (bettas included i think) so no traped fish) Gaza :P
  11. amazing! i will mass produce and sell for 60% of the company! ( sorry im watching dragons den) the, im for crap vac, i gotta go and make one..... .... cough.... damn i cant find and empty soap thingy or air line tubing, never mind tubing the right size, i wish i had the stuff oh well, ill just have to steal yours u are a genious! Gaza :rant:
  12. i know im late but... Merry Christmas, I got a Wii! yay and a lego MTT but no fishy stuff :D
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