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Extracting Styles to a seperate file


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Not sure how tech savvy people are but it would speed up the site (forum) download time significantly if the styles were moved out from the main theme and placed into a separate file eg styles.css. and then included in the head.

As the site runs php, pages are not cached but are generated fresh every time, but a styles.css as a static include would be cached by IE, firefox or proxies, resulting in 30K of styles not being downloaded with every view, in essence, cutting 1/3 to 1/2 of the traffic, depending on the page viewed.

Has this been considered before, or am I just an efficiency crackpot?

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Naaw I dunno about being an efficiency crackpot :whistling:

We have to update the board and then tweak the themes, it has been overdue for a few months now and we all have been flat out, not to mention I have completely forgot about updating. Mousie works on the themes, while I do the rest of the stuff so we gotta time ourselves so we can work together one night.

But your right, it would speed up things. Not to worried about bandwidth for now as we don't tend to use as much.

The most annoying thing is, every time we have everything tweaked. IPB goes and does a major update and sends everything wacko which means we have to rebuild themes and mods from scratch. We have an issue with log out, but that is going to be fixed when we update :)

Maybe early Jan when we get over Christmas. ;)

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