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my first planted tanks


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Very nice..It might look even better if you put the heater in one of the coner side in your tank or maybe wrap the java moss over the clay pot with fishing line or cotton line as well...Those plant will not grow very fast in artificial gravels.. :lol:

edit: lol... I didn't even notice there is a betta in it, as the gravel colour so similar to ur lovely HMs..

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Yeah not happy with the gravel colour myself and yeah its 2 tanks pretty much decked out the same ( no jealous fishies then Ha Ha)

Yeah its a bubble nest and Im very tempted to get a nice girl but $$$$( could pull my little LFS girl out of the comm. tank###thinking , thinking.

That grass was advertised as dwarf pongol grass I should look it up on the net but havent got around to it

No I didnt get the filter with it, that deal came out just after I bought mine (bugger)

Thanx for the nice comments

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