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Hi from Sydney


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Hi everyone,

I'm a big cichlid fan. I'm currently cycling a 4 ft tank which will house one Oscar. Once that is up and running I also plan to get started with some Bettas, but I need to do some research on them first.

I really enjoy photography and I am looking forward to taking some fishy pics and sharing!



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Salutations my Lord! You have journeyed far to reach AusAqua. I trust you will find comfort and contentment here in our piscean haven. How go the Tsurani? :rolleyes:

Hey, don't wait till everything is perfect before you dust off the camera. Feel free to share everything. Going shopping. The fish shop. Happy shop owner with your credit card. The big expensive filter you bought. Empty tank. Filled tank. Extremely cloudy tank. You get the idea... :lol:



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