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Guest fring daddy

Hey all

I found out about this site and signed up.

Im Daniel im 21 almost 22 and live in Melbourne!

I love fish and have 3 active tanks.

i have two 2x18x18's

Colony of common Bn (5) and 1 male fighting fish

Colony of long fin peppered Corys, a trio of common Bn and a siamese elgae eater.

I also have a Aqua One 320 38litre fully planted tank!

Plants include

Anubia on wood


7-8 different Swords

Java fern


2 blue rams

2 red rams

1 male fighting fish

1 albino cory

1 albino Bn

4 Guppies

Im getting very keen on keeping Bettas and would love to start to breed them.

Any knowledge would be great!

Thanks Daniel

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