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  1. That got me too. OK, So we use the qoute button when we pm, but not when posting replies in the forum. ya. :dance:
  2. Don't you love when that happens! when the fish you just picked up spawn straight away, that is. Good on ya michael! And good luck with the fry. :love:
  3. Wow, that first male looks like a painting!! He is awesome!
  4. Very nice fishfanatics, I just love the MG pair. What is the color of the first male you posted? :confused:
  5. Thats a great idea fishbites. I've seen some caves constructed much in the same manner, using slate instead. The new count is twelve baby albinos. :yes:
  6. I didn't realize it was so common, thanks for letting me know. She is an import I got off winterwhite last year. I believe she is a Giant HM. I had her at the MBG, she was the pinapple that was packed with eggs.
  7. After an unsuccessful spawn this female built a nest and put her own eggs in it. She even guarded them for 24hrs before gulping them down Anyone ever experience this?
  8. I got them from the reject shop.
  9. They eat whatever the bettas don't, mainly frozen blood worms. They also get carrots, zucchini and algae pellets about twice a week. I have four all up 2 males and 2 females. When I give them a water change ,the tank drops slightly in temperature, the idea is to simulate rainy season. And like you, I use lots of oxygen. To spawn in, they only have two small pots I picked up at a two dollar shop.
  10. Counted nine so far. That shouldn't be a problem if you can wait awhile be1betta.
  11. Thats a great deal, at 10$ each I would grab five. You should ask for a b-day present from someone who loves you Oh ya Happy b-day fighters4U :)
  12. Sorry Jo the peps are here to stay. Ive been chasing deals far and wide to get my colony together. I even dug deep to get my hands on a few of em. Holding back on some I came across, knowing one day I'll most likely be raising my own colonies. Im after six colonies all up. I recon that it might take awhile to birth and raise , but after Im done you could probably get some off me.
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