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  1. Some benefits of attending edea meetings are, staying current with info about importation laws, future changes to energy consumption, new ideas, some old forgotten ideas and the trading table. I recently brought a member of ausauqua along with me as a guest and he scored a breeding pair of golden bristlenose catfish for 20$. Not to mention metting people who share a common intrest. It really is a great place to discuss the hobby, and new members are always welcome. I highly recommend it :cheer:
  2. That got me too. OK, So we use the qoute button when we pm, but not when posting replies in the forum. ya. :dance:
  3. Don't you love when that happens! when the fish you just picked up spawn straight away, that is. Good on ya michael! And good luck with the fry. :love:
  4. Wow, that first male looks like a painting!! He is awesome!
  5. I know your joking splendidbetta. No not a real skull, Charlie was made in china out of resin :confused:
  6. Very nice fishfanatics, I just love the MG pair. What is the color of the first male you posted? :confused:
  7. Very observant of you Lilli, I wonderd if anyone would pick that out. My kids call him charlie. Home to a big black pleco that pokes his head out of the mouth every so often. :confused:
  8. :lol:Congrats on your new spawn Jo. The long fins are about five or six cm and the peps are only about one and a half cm. Ya Bettarazzi, I too love these little stick insects. As for my son, He wants to start breeding the sticks... Even the bettas came to have a look
  9. Had a great time and scored some bargains as well. Two long fin albino bristelnose, a couple of neon cats, trio of pepermints and two very strange leafy stick insects. TOTAL cost $96.00 :giggle:
  10. Beautiful pair. Are they siblings?
  11. Dont forget how important it is for him to be properly conditioned. How long did you condition for and what variety of foods have you offered him?
  12. Thats a great idea fishbites. I've seen some caves constructed much in the same manner, using slate instead. The new count is twelve baby albinos. :yes:
  13. I didn't realize it was so common, thanks for letting me know. She is an import I got off winterwhite last year. I believe she is a Giant HM. I had her at the MBG, she was the pinapple that was packed with eggs.
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