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What Brand of Dried Food


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With all the brands of food on the market, I would like to know what ones you have found

liked or disliked by your bettas.

We feed HBH and Tetra mainly. With the occassional unknown brand thrown in.

At present we are trying a brand Biotec. Earthworm flakes with protein 42%, crude fat 4.1%,

fiber 4.2% and moisture 8.2%. Our males don't seem to like it but our fry and females will eat it.

I have seen other brands available but don't want to spend money on something that is just going to

sit on the self.

I have not used wardleys for years as all the fish at the time would not touch the stuff.

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I've tried just about everthing lol.

um with wardleys i found that some bettas especially females won't eat them because the pellets are on the large side but if you crush them most will eat it.

I've used Tim Addis! excellent food my fave!

nutrafin betta flake most of mine eat whenever I give it to them

um Auqa One betta pellets which my bettas ignore because the pellets are too small

Pro's Choice Betta they all like

Penn Plax Betta food is ok but not their favourite.

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Keith Hand in Perth ships it in from overseas. it's $12 for 100g (if I can recall correctly) and comes in all diff sizes so you can feed the fry as they grow.

I've fed freshly free swimming fry the smallest size, and they take to it str8 away. and the largest(?) size is a great size to feed adult bettas and fish similar in size.

here's the link Tim Addis food and it's towards the bottom of the page. It's called "Red Granular Crumb"

to raise fry, I usually use all the range of crumb sizes (2,3,5,8,12) and if u run out of one, u can crumble a bigger size into smaller sizes.

the guy to email is Keith Hand (Handsfree) or PM him. here's his email Keith.Hand@dsl.riotinto.com.au

HTH :)

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What container does it arrive in?

I used to have some powdered food for fry in a yellow container with a red lid but it didn't have a label. So I couldn't tell after over 3yrs what it was, what it contained, expiry date or anything. So I tossed it.

It was an American product I think but I don't know but I do know it was imported.

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for the Adults & Juvies I use

New life spectrum grow, Sera vipagran as dry food and trying "Golden Pearls"

For the fry,

Sera microgran & micropan and crushed "golden pearls" - till I can get the smaller size

Have also successfully used Atisons betta starter. Most of the gang seem to like all of these, of course there are those that can be a bit picky.

I wouldn't mind adding the TA foods for variety - I've heard that they're very good.

Cheers Jane

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