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Hello Forum,

Just saying hi, because I seem to spend a lot of time reading all your posts and I felt a bit rude not saying anything.

I am most impressed with your knowledge.

Tis a great forum you have!


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Well thanks for the nice welcome, and Lilli, thanks for the permission to use your microworm file..

You have put a lot of work into it, and I appreciate you allowing me to put it elsewhere for others to see..

In answer to your questions, yes I keep fish (too many)

I have quite a few Betta's, mostly that i have bred myself, I have Angelfish, tetra's, guppies, swordtails etc etc.

Ya never seem to have enought tanks!

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Hello Jeni, sounds like you have a wide variety of fish, love the avatar too!

Yes I do, but lost a lot in a death tank.. a while back..

Its all still a mystery..

I just finished planting all of my tanks today..The Betta's are exploring like crazy..you would know how they love to snoop round..

I am only 4 hours from Adelaide...I was looking at a fish place up there called Fish haven, have you been there?

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