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Some of my Goldfish


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So i thought i would post a few pics of some of my jumbo sized goldfish. I love these guys and the ryukins are very cute.

This is Cheeseball, he measures in at about 15cm:



This is McLovin, he also measures in at about 15cm:


And here is Blackie and Cheeseball, blackie is one of my 2 25cm black moors. They are in an aquarium at the moment but will be going out into the pond soon:


Cheers Phil

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I LOVE goldfish. they're one of my fav cold water fish. I've had a GF for bout 3-4 years now. he lives in the pond and I've called him Gus, cause he used to eat anything we gave him, my dad even used to swat flies and hand feed them to him :D:) he's a fantail with teh bumpy head thing going on like his brain is growing out of his head. everyone hates it, but I love it. I usually go out and pat his "brain" in the mornings. have been trying to breed him with a white fantail female we have in the pond to, but they're choosing to breed amongst the otehr GF in tehre :D

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your GF's name is Gus and "he" lives in a pond? Took me a minute...

I like the blue orandas and black moors, but other than that goldfish tend to... offend me a little. I don't really like it when animals are so selectively bred that they have trouble functioning comfortably.

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