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DIY Barracks


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Been in the progress for a few days now building a barracks and have finally finished!

Attached are some photos to demonstrate how it works. Got the idea from kitz

This first one is just an overall idea of the benches im using.

The bench is a Geelong 5 shelf storage unit. It is a hammer lock system no screws or bolts. Its meant to hold 80kgs each but the whole unit is so wobbly :giggle: so yeah in total it carries 400KG. I did have it standing upright but i just felt to uncomfortable having it in that position so i split it in half so i have another bench like this. Purchased it from REPCO for $59. i have covered the particle board shelves with tarp to water proof it.


Just another overall view and different angle. Not sure how i can hold up the piper as you can see to the right it is sagging. Might get a pipe holder for the end and silicone it on there to hold it up.


Shot of the first compartment with the powerhead filter. Its an aqua one 102F filter. As you can see i have used capping to hold the perspex dividers. Perspex was free from my dad. Capping was $2.40 for 3 metres. People have suggested using folder spines but the folders were about $3 each and i would need at least 6 which would have been to much. Plus i like this capping better.

The filter has its own attachment which is then attached some clear tube (0.45cents) which is then attached to an elbow joint (0.55cents) which is attached to a 13mm sprinkler pipe then attached to another elbow and then attached to the main sprinkler pipe (sprinkler pipe $8 for 20M) sorry if that sounds confusing but if you read each bit and look at the pic it will be easier to understand.


This last photo is in the last compartment which is at the end as you can see i have use a sprinker pipe plug at the end to stop the water


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Umm.... Kitz got his idea from *cough* Bettarazzi *cough* :giggle:

What's this capping stuff? Is it glued to the tank? And then you slip the dividers in/out as required? Do those shelves have a cross-brace? That might solve the wobbling. You really don't want 400 kgs of glass and water landing with an almighty crash on the floor. And it would only happen after you put your newly imported fish in there.

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Sorry Mike, thanks heaps for your super fun happy fantastic barracks idea!!!

i dont know what its used for... its just called 3mm PVC capping... thats the name bunnings give it. Yes the dividers slip in and out. No cross brace on the shelves, might try and work that out.

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Here is a closer look at the capping just for you mike :lol:

Top view


an angled shot showing you the side of the capping (wish there was black capping would have looked better).. sorry i forgot to put the photo upright... just tilt your head :giggle:


and here is a better look at the shelving. That is one unit split into two work benches (excuse the mess). I fiqured it will be more stable if i had them like this then one unit that was 1.8m tall.


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Hey Guys,

I have arrange how i want the shelfing. Thought id show you.

Here is the shelfing arranged. I move the braces up higher one on the left hand side to give it more support. The tank on the left is going to house the females (eventually 4 females). the smaller 1.5 ft tank on the bottom right is going to be a spawning tank... the other little one i might use as another spawning tank or maybe a hospital tank.


Here is the barracks in use for the guys. I found that from the left partition to the very far right there is a temp change of 2 degrees (28 vs 26).


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lol i just thought i would check up on the barracks and i found the royal blue guy in the same compartment as the green guy lol

he cant get through the sides as there are no gaps there is a slight gap of about 4mm on the bottom which is too small for him to even try to get under so he must have jumped! little turd.

Just found him with the other male having a flare competition. No injuries thank goodness. the height he must have jumped would have been 20mm over the divider. i have lowered the water level to 40mm. Hopefully that will work!!

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Yep holes are drilled in the dividers... there is about 1 to 2 degrees difference in temp from the first section to the last section of dividers... heater is in first section with filter. There is no problems with having this difference in temp.

Water flow is good with the holes i have drilled... when filling the tank up with new water you can see the water flow through all the holes into each section.

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