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My New Fish


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Well i tried taking photos of my fish tonight but i really need to get my camera sorted out. Anyway here is a couple of photos of my new pair.

This is the female. She is a Royal Blue RT HM


Here is a couple of shots of the male. He is a Turq BF HM. He looks more blue without the flash.


Sorry about the silicone mark in this photo, it covers his head


It was a bit hard taking a photo of the male. He is in a 2ft tank by himself and is obsessed with charging up the current that the filter makes and then taking a free ride back down the current to the other side of the tank.

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They are from someone who got them from Betta Trills. The 'female' does have a white spot underneath and looking at it i feel that it is a female but who knows lol. Ill let you know what happens, hopefully she will fill up with eggs soon so i can confirm it is a female.

Ill put more photos up tomorrow night after i do water change.

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Very nice, but are you sure the female isn't a male?

I guess the reason you questioned if its a female is due to the large finnage, i have asked myself that as well. Was looking on aquabid for a similar fish with large finnage and found this:


As you can see it is similar size finnage, however my fish seems to have shorter body. So hopefully its just a really good female :)

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I asked because the body shape appears male in your photo, as is the general appearance of the fins. Long-finned females usually have a form that is distinguishable from males, but I can only see this in your female's dorsal and anal, slightly, due to all the branching.

I hope it's a female, because this pair is stunning :)

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she's very nice. I thought it was a boy too though. A young one. But I guess you'll find out soon enough eh!

Well i dont know what to think now!!!. Do females flare like crazy at their own reflection and go after it like she wants to kill it? Because thats what s/he is doing!

Here are some more pics for you guys to help me find out if it is a female

Side profile


Another side profile


Egg spot... Cant get much closer then that!!! lol


Another shot of egg spot


And just another one of the male


Thanks for your help guys

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Hi Brett,

I seriously doubt if we are dealing with a female here. "Her" long finnage, pointed anal finnage, bodyshape, gills and behaviour really point in the direction of "her: being a him. The white dot which in females represents the ovipositor sometimes can be seen in males too as an "ovipositor-like" white dot. In shows this is a disqualifying fault but for breeding this is no problem as long as it is not passed on to the offspring. I could be wrong here, but I would be really surprised if this is really a she. I think trying to mate "her" with this male will result in a heavy fight or worse. I personally wouldn't run the risk.

Maybe a suggestion, did you already try to place a real female in a cup/chimney with the supposed to be "female"? If he reacts on her by heavily flaring and starts blowing a bubblenest you can be pretty sure it is a male :wink:.

Good luck and please keep us posted.

Many greetings from the Netherlands,


PS: I further would recommend you if you decide to pair these fish to use a partner for them which does not have too much branching in order to balance out the finnage in the offspring.

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