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Fish tanks outdoor


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Hi, i'm new to the forum

I just purchased the fish tanks from ebay. And turned out that it was bigger than what i expected. I didn't realise that I got 3 tanks of 4 ft

(have no idea how big is 4 ft) i thought i can put them in my dining room but i was so wrong

the only place that i get has to be outdoor. I have an open pegola with decking.

I'm planning to put my bettas in that tanks (after i put the dividers)

Do you think it's okay for them in the outdoor? They will be heater of course. But i never put the fish tanks outdoor, and now is winter

I don't know what to do, i have 1 community tanks indoor but it's already full and i can't put anymore fish in there. And one empty 28L tanks but i have 3 bettas coming this week and another 3 bettas coming next 2 weeks.

What you guys think? Can i put them outdoor?

hmm.. i want to attach the pic of the tanks but i don't know how to attach the pic

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Ohh, in Melbourne at the moment, I wouldn't recommend it. It can be done for sure, but you'll churn through electricity trying to keep them heated in an open area.

If you can, I'd find as much polystyrene sheeting as you can., and clad those tanks in it to try to insulate them as much as possible. If you have an old blanket, it might even be worth tossing that over the entire setup (make sure anything that needs to be ventilated is)

In summer, outdoor and heated would be fine and dandy, but in winter you are really fighting against the cold :((

I'm not sure how cold it is down there, or when it will start warming up a bit more, but could you bowl or jar the fish and stack them up along the top of your current community tank? The heat from that should keep the chill out of the jars and it'd give you time to set up those 4's, and hopefully have you in warmer weather.

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I wouldn't recommend it. Your power bills would go through the roof and if the power goes out or a heater fails it'd be byebye fish. In summer you'd have the opposite proplem of the tanks overheating. Unless the outdoor area is sheltered and enclosed then I'd say that it isn't a good idea IMO

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i've currently got my imorts in their own 3lt container and i have put them in the bath and filled it to the level of the containers, i have put a 150wt heater in there to keep the temp all the same

or float them in the community tank in 1lt bottles( milk,coke etc


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LOL! Jamie has sequestered the bathtub! How does Jen feel about that?! :)

Edie used to keep his bettas outside in a barracks and spawning tanks on a balcony at Ryde. Not as cold as Melbourne, but also had the wind chill factor (all that water flowing over flat surfaces) and his spawning tanks were a lot smaller than 4'.

So it can be done, but as Calla said, insulation with polystyrene on at least 3 sides (and underneath) would be advisable. BUT you will need to be vigilant with the heaters, and make sure that you have the temp stabilised for at least a few days before you put any fish in. And excellent water circulation, so you have no cold spots.

Can I make a suggestion? why not re-sell these tanks on eBay and buy more suitable ones?

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Oh I can't reselling them on the ebay again, my husband will kill me

And i can't put them in the bathtub as well because i have 2 children who like to have a bath

i was thinking to put them in the dining room because we're rarely using them but then the tanks and the stand will taking all the space

look at the pic of the tanks http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z93/fifi_28/b772_1-1.jpg

the pic was taken from the seller's garage not mine as i don't have garage, i only have carport

I looked around my house and was thinking about the study room. There is an empty place currently put the small couch in there, maybe we will move the couch and put the tanks and the stand in the corner of my study room.

but instead of using 3 tanks altogether, i will use 2 tanks. Because i don't need that much tanks

what you guys think about the tanks? if it's not really suitable for bettas i guess i have to sell them again

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Ohhhh! That is a nice setup! It looks like it is a full system there, with the bottom tank being the sump filter.

It really isn't ideally suited to bettas at the moment. If you ran that system the way it is supposed to be run, it'd be enough filtration to keep cichlids and plecos happy. It could be modified to work for bettas, without a doubt, but it is a bit of overkill :) You certainly do things properly!

Did it come with a big pump for that bottom tank?

For the moment, if you want to keep it and give it a go, probably pick the middle tank, and don't fill it past the point of that tube. Pop a stocking over the top of that to stop anyone jumping, make sure you have tight-fitting lids, and grab yourself a big sponge filter and an air pump for the time being.

The problem with a big system like that, on top of the heat lost through the tank glass, is that you lose a lot from the tubes etc. The flowing water through those narrow spaces in the cold is just going to make your job harder. It can be made to work (I'd suggest cheap foam bedrolls and some duct tape :)) but you'll be hard pressed to work out all the kinks before your fish arrive.

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Wow! That would be a great breeding setup for angels. Not so sure about bettas. It would need so much modification. And outside in Melbourne? I don't have unheated tanks inside. My unheated water aging bucket goes down to about 15 deg C. If it was outdoors I reckon it could be 10 degrees lower than that.

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I did some modification last night with the divider. I decided to have a go with that tank but i will using only 2 tanks, the middle and the bottom.

I'm planning to breeding angels as well and might be the other tropical fish. So i guess this tank is handy overall.

But for the moment i will stick with bettas

My bettas are here. they are arrived yesterday. And they are doing extremely well. Thanks to someone

I haven't got a chance to take a pic of them yet but when i do i will post it

The females started flaring soon after i released them in the tank, i put them in one tank but put them separately with breeding net

And if the tank works well i will post the pic of my modified tank as well

Thanks for the suggestion and recommendation

Btw, i decided to put the tank in my study room. So it will be indoor. Can't predict the weather in melbourne. Like yesterday was sunny and fine and this morning was shower and sooo cold

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