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heys ~


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hey everyone I'm vic...kinda newish to this whole fighting fish scene lol, ive been interested for ages but havnt found any that i actually liked till today, bought two males CT and one random female...probably all mongrels XD oh well~

I'd like to know where i can get like..high quality purebreds or something ?

thanks ppl!! ^^

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Hi Vic. Welcome to the forum. If you tell us where you're located we might be able to recommend some of the better LFSs in your area. As Heidi already said I think we're a bit light on stock among the forum members at the moment, unless someone's been holding out. Fishchick (Jodi-Lea Matheson) often has surplus stock. She is also the transhipper that we use to import bettas from Thailand. Instructions on how to import are in the Transhipping subforum (under Classifieds).

Here is a nice CT from Aquabid by Indrata, a very good Indonesian breeder. She is able to send fish through Jodi.



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