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Meet "Azure" *New Pics*


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Wow, very nice Stace, he looks kinda like Starchild but with no red. i love his colour though, its very lavenderish. how much he set you back?

whats his name? i say Barry!


*damn it, read topic before posting Ned*

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yep and we also need a pic of the other guy!!!

im not that funny... well okay i do i bit of stand up here and there, *punchline* i prefer to sit down though.

wow thats a pretty good price!

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How do you use flash without it reflecting off the glass? It's funny looking at a picture that looks pretty realistic and accept that he looks different in real life. But I get that the whole time with pictures of my copper. The photos look completely different to the real fish.

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Well a couple of weeks later and little Azure has changed quite a bit!

go the marble gene!

Check out these pics and yes I finally got a flare :P hehe






make sure you compare with the pic in my 1st post :P I think he's quite different now!


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