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More of my boys


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ive had these guys for the same length as the others, but i just took some pics of them, some ive shown before but these pics are better lol. im having trouble with their colours, help please. enjoy and let me know what you think :P

Is he an orchid? he was given to me by a friend who got him at an LFS for 15 buks lol.


is this guy a copper butterfly or somethin lol? im 90% sure this guy will extend to HM. (im getting him critiqued as well)


whats this guy (tail type) and what would you call him (colour) lol?


this is the guy i thought was a girl, he spent over a week in the spawning tank (with another male) so he is a little torn lol.


Thats about all.. thanks guys hehe.

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yep I see the fish as this

1st Orchid/Royal Blue Black Lace

2nd Copper. I wouldn't call him a BF, as the BF patterning isn't on all 3 unpaired fins, only the anal (unparied fins = anal, dorsal and caudal)

3rd Marble Copper. he looks like a really young delta guy, or a long fin with plakat genes.

4th Very impressive masked Turquoise

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hehe thanks guys, im starting to find some nice females in my tanks who are perfect for the boys hehe... just gotta set up one more spawn tank and ill start conditioning two pairs.

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