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Blackwater community tank


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I have now finished stocking my small blackwater community tank.

It is a tall 2' ex-shop tank with a thick planting of giant val around the 3 sides of the perimeter, a tangle of driftwood in the middle, coarse river sand and small gravel over a bed of potting mix. There are some random clumps of java moss as well, and some duckweed that's going gangbusters in the soft water!

I am just running a sponge filter on it. I don't feel that it needs a lot of filtration due to the dense planting.

Inhabitants are:

* about 12 kribs, a family of babies I adopted from a friend who moved house. They grew up together so I feel less ridiculous about having so many in 1 tank. I expect to have to thin them out in due course. They have been in there a week and have coloured up spectacularly. I never actually intended to put kribs in this tank but I have always loved them, so everyone wins.

* 10 harlequin rasboras added today (not the normal ones, some more colourful strain I should have written down the name of!) The intensity is something like this (not my photo) http://www.thegoldfishbowl.co.uk/images/ar.../A-CYPR-617.jpg

* 10 glowlight danios added today (yes danios, not tetras) http://www.transfish.de/news/Danio.JPG (not my photo)

I hope to be able to post some photos soon. It is an extremely hard tank to photograph because when I say blackwater, I mean it is BLACK water :). It's basically tea coloured. The fish are loving it.

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I read that in a pH under 7, all krib fry will be female - it would be interesting to see if that happens.

I'll try for photos soon. We probably just have to re-shuffle USB ports. I just came home one day and they were all taken, and I can't be bothered pulling the hrad drive out and dealing with wires right now :)

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I was teasing them with the promise of food. They don't normally all hang out together like that :)

yes, I think you're right Ab. Here is what they look like:



Thanks for finding that out :)

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