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Planted Nano Tank

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Hey Everyone..

While i am waiting on finishing setting up my 4ft tank i decided to set up my lil Aqua One tank that i haev had for a few years but never set up properly.

So i put down a layer of peatmoss, read about that somewhere and it seemed cleaner than using garden soil. Then for nutrients i crushed up a few JBL 7+ 13 fertiliser balls and sprinkled that over the peat and then put a 2cm layer of pool filter sand over top to keep it all down.

Now i started the planting today. I put in:

1 Bunch of red Milfoil (i think thats what it is)

1 Bunch Ambula

2 Pots of Hairgrass broken up

1 Howard river nana val

1 Corkscrew val

3 Chain swords (i think)

Plan is to add some driftwood covered in Java moss and mabey something else im not sure. Thinking of doing a DIY co2 aswell.

Not sure how this will all work out but thought i might aswell do something interesting ;);)

Here is fist day pic, it looks nicer in real life, my camera has gone all crappy lately


Cheers Phil

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how much light do you have in there, Phil? CO2 is a bit pointless unless you've got enough light to really get the plants photosynthesising their nut off.

I'm looking forward to updates :)

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Thanks Daniel, you are right on the ID of that plant :D

Although it looks bad in the photo above, it really does look nice now the plants have filled in. But there is a problem.

Any fish that get put into this tank now seem to develop a rapid layer of fungu on them.

About 2 weeks ago i bought 2 sailfin mollies from the LFS to put in there and the next morning i found them smothered in it. So i bleached the tank and cleaned everything and then left it to dry, then reset it up as a planted tank.

I put 2 new sailfins from my 4ft tank into this tank thismorning (they have been in there nearly 2 months and are really healthy) and within about 4hrs, the fungus started to attack the fishes caudal and eyes.

I am thinking of draining and chucking the entire tank and mabey starting with a new one. The mollies are having a bath in some saltwater to hopefully kill the fungus since i havent been able to get out yet to buy some meds.

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what a bugger, that setup looked like it would be heaven underwater for any little fishy friends. i had a tank that kept passing on Ick to any fish that were housed there until i nuked it with some serious hot salt scrubbing and bleach baths! all good now, but took me a while to get all teh bealch out again! lol

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