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I Was A Very Bad Girl Yesterday...


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I was naughty... if i ever go near my LFS again please smack me lol...

I saw the girl and loved her colour... none have names as yet :(

She kinda looks like faded jeans in real life and she has some irrid on her body in certain lights.


This is one CT boy, he's not too bad when he gets going <_< i just thought he was pretty.


And a different light... he has some white in between the rays as you can see.


And my pretty blue/skyblue i guess boy, his tail isn't the best but i was instantly attracted to his colour and had to have him!



Any comments and suggestions are more than welcomed :lol:


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that brings my fishy total to 17 now though --- AAARGH!

The girl actually has red on all her fins as well but it didn't come up in the pics, she's also been nipped at so more colour might come back later when she's settled and all grown back. I just saw her and thought she was gorgeous!

Pink boy is a pretty boy :blink: he's the quiet one, still settling in i think. might give him a mirror to spark him up a bit tomorrow :lol:

The blue boy definitely has some attitude for the mirror :)

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