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My 3 New Girls


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Hi i was bad and bought 3 new CT girls that i found in the other LFS i sometimes look at.

This is Linda, the Biggest girl.



This is Maria.

You can't really see from the pic but she's more purply and kinda has an orangey colour behind it.

Looking at them now Linda and Maria are quite similar in colour, but Maria is darker.


and this is Ashley, she's a tiny little thing,

smaller than Trish, the girl i got from Celeste.

but i think she's the prettiest. she's kinda skyblue/aquagreen in real life depending on the lights.



Feel free to post comments :) I'd like to know what you think.


p.s. sorry bout the quality of the pics, my camera doesn't like dark colours for some reason, always blurs them or washes them out.

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lol the warehouse out at the longyard doesn't have ANYTHING alive... they kept telling us they were getting fish in a couple of weeks but that was back in like october! so i gave up on them... (and i went out there the other day too... still nothing)

pauls is the one i don't like, always seems dark and dirty in there.

it was the tamworth pet center, the blue one :P that one isn't too bad, nice and clean, but sometimes their fish don't look so good, luckilly on this occaision there were healthy lookin very pretty girls :D

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