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Parkway01's 2ft barracks


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Hey all.

About to start building a small barrack tank(?), bunker(?) thing. Just a cheap and nasty tank i picked up years ago for 15 buck brand new, but its square and holds water so all good. Years ago i had it set up as 3-bay barracks with a weir at the back with an internat filter plumbed(badly) to each bay, wasnt pretty and was a sketchy design so i gutted it. So its back to an empty 2x1x1ft tank. The new plan will have it divided into 3 barracks, a bit over 11L each with the hardware tucked away behind the middle barrack and between the 2 end ones.


So each barrack will have holes drilled through the face that is next to the outer sponge, so the water goes through the outer sponge then onto the wool. For biological goodness the last step is the water going under that partition and through the eheim substrat stuff. Then that pump and heater area obviously houses the pump and heater. The pump will be plumbed neatly into each barrack and that will be the magical cycle.



That rear reseviour will be blacked with pvc sticker vinyl (a mate makes stickers so that shall be nice and cheap). Also ill make up 2 black removable cards for flaring inbetween barracks. I'm building with acrylic for hassle free drilling, should look pretty neat in the end. Got the package today that has the pump and all filter related media, also made a trip to masters to buy all the hardware. So ill try to get the prep work done tomorrow, see what happens. Gotta make a proper lid setup too, at the moment it's a solid piece of glass that isnt even square :-p

Ill try and keep this thread pretty thorough

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So here it is :

DSC_0417'' target='_blank'>DSC_0417>DSC_0417

DSC_0399'' target='_blank'>DSC_0399>DSC_0399

DSC_0401'' target='_blank'>DSC_0401>DSC_0401

DSC_0396'' target='_blank'>DSC_0396>DSC_0396

Only other thing I want to do is black out the back of the end bays. After building it, I've decided next time I'll do it differently again. I have an idea that will be more economical. Not that there's anything wrong with this, the filtration is just overkill.

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