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  1. That's true Brenton. I got him in-store at someone's bettarazzi
  2. So here it is : '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> Only other thing I want to do is black out the back of the end bays. After building it, I've decided next time I'll do it differently again. I have an idea that will be more economical. Not that there's anything wrong with this, the filtration is just overkill.
  3. So long time between updates, my bad. So the tank is 100% done, with the new residents in. I'll post pics in a couple days, just using some purigen to remove some tannins, the joys of tank water in the Bush
  4. Cheers Dan. 3 main dividers are in!
  5. So here is a start pic: Haven't got much done, only cleaned it up, cut and siliconed glass lid supports and cut and test fitted the 3 main dividers
  6. Nah there's a section on copper & mask. It's second last, before the bit on dragons.
  7. Hey all. About to start building a small barrack tank(?), bunker(?) thing. Just a cheap and nasty tank i picked up years ago for 15 buck brand new, but its square and holds water so all good. Years ago i had it set up as 3-bay barracks with a weir at the back with an internat filter plumbed(badly) to each bay, wasnt pretty and was a sketchy design so i gutted it. So its back to an empty 2x1x1ft tank. The new plan will have it divided into 3 barracks, a bit over 11L each with the hardware tucked away behind the middle barrack and between the 2 end ones. So each barrack will have holes
  8. Found some good info that explains the blue sheen in certain lights. In this link scroll down near the bottom for the copper info http://www.bettaterritory.nl/BT-AABcolorgenetics.htm
  9. Cheers Jay :-) Hey Brenton. His tail is a real mauve sort of colour, his colours have really popped the last couple of days, lots of blue iridescence now :-) Heres a new pic. '' target='_blank'>> Ooow big decisions to make
  10. Thanks maddz :-) I see what you mean about his colouring. how nice is that copper! Have to decide on a goal and do some research before I decide on what I want to put with him. But a Dragon is sounding really good at the moment :-p
  11. Ok.... Links it is '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>> '' target='_blank'>>
  12. Photobucket didn't do the pics very well, these should be better: %5BIMG%5D'' target='_blank'>> %5BIMG%5D'' target='_blank'>>
  13. Hey all thought I'd post some pics of the little guy I picked up today :-) He's my first betta since I decided to get back into the hobby. He is hands down the most active betta I've ever owned. Ssettled in really quickly and is eating, so happy days :-) So he's a copper HMPK, he's got this nice blue iridescent sheen going on too when he's in the right light. here are some pics enjoy.
  14. Thanks for the warm welcomes :-) Currently down to a 2ft'er with an angel, who's been around for a long time. Have a couple empty 10-12L tanks and another empty 2ft'er. So lots of empty stuff :-p Also I have a l2L hexagonal tank cycled heated and ready to go, plan on making a trip down to someone's tomorrow to see if anything takes my eye :-) Oooow that is really tough, I'm going to have to say a bit of everything :-p
  15. Just popping in to say hi :-) Kept a few bettas over the years, looking to get back into them more seriously and breed them. Cheers Adam
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