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  1. Don't worry about bringing anything to take them home in, I'll have them all packed in some sort of plastic containers. See you there!!
  2. I can bring along some starter cultures of microworms, vinegar eels and white worms to the Vic Betta Meet if you want
  3. Wow. I`ve never seen this type of setup, looks really good!! Good luck in finishing it.
  4. How is she going Brenton? How are you finding the heat is circulating? How regularly are you doing water changes/ siphoning out her little compartment?
  5. Wow!! One of my guy was tail biting for a while, as JayM said it seems it could really be anything, all my parameters seemed alright and he`d been in the tank for a month or two and I came home one day and he had no caudal!! I have a feeling it was stress though because he seemed to have found the male next to him through a little hole in the divider. Tail biting is a really frustrating thing, I`m sorry he`s doing it. That video was really good though, I`ve never seen one actually do it before! Dan.
  6. This looks like a really good idea, I will be following this thread closely for ideas for what I`m going to do.
  7. They actually touched on this subject on the last Betta Time, all I can remember was that plakats seemed to grow longer (I think). Anyway, if you get some time to listen to it, here is the link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wm-aquaculture/2014/04/06/betta-time--betta-genetics--dan-young
  8. They are stunning!! Can`t wait to see fry when they are grown, hopefully they are like their parents! I still can`t believe the colours on them mosaic girls.
  9. Welcome to the forum Krystie, After bettas, guppies are probably my favourite fish, I especially love the moscow green. We need some photos!!
  10. Welcome to the forum!! What a beautiful boy, he looks very happy.
  11. Very nice, I really like that first guy and his big bubblenest!!
  12. Thanks Paul. Once exams are over I`ll give breeding them a shot, it seems there could be some interesting fry from them... Lets hope they breed!!!
  13. Hi everyone... Yep I have another "What will I get" post. I have quite a few bettas after all the online auctions and the Victoria IBC Auction so I think it is finally time to do some breeding. My first planed pairing is a gold HM female (from Extravagent Bettas) with, what I`m going to call, a full red HM male (IBC Auction). Picture of mother gold HM female (thanks Extravagent Bettas for the picture) Picture of sibling gold HM female (again Extravagent Bettas picture) Picture of the deep red HM, this picture doesn`t do him justice, but you get a rough idea. (thanks to the auction catalog on Facebook). Thanks for the help, I just want to know basically what I can expect as I am limited to one spawn at a time Dan.
  14. I used to keep shrimp and I too had success with panty hose to stop the shrimplets getting sucked up. The only problem I found was it may sometimes reduce the flow, so making sure you clean it is a necessity. As for the shrimplets, they will eat the same as the adults, mine seemed to love decomposing IAL. They should be visible straight away, but mine seemed to hide for the first few days. Dan.
  15. I don`t think your ever posting to yourself!! I know I for one am always eager to read your next post!! You have some truly amazing fish!! Can`t wait to see the new Hendra pair. Dan. PS. Love their new tank, haha!! It seems a lot like me when I frantically whip up a new tank with nothing, but fish hurtling towards me.
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