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acronyms for shrimp


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this is some acronyms around for shimp.
some species the acronyms are rarely used or theres no acronym available. eg riffle shrimp...

AFS = African Filter Shrimp
AS = Amano Shrimp
BB = Blue bolt
BBS = Blue Bee Shrimp
BCS = Blue Cherry Shrimp

BCS = Brown Camo Shrimp
BKKS = Black King Kong Shrimp
BPS = Blue Pearl Shrimp
BS = Bamboo Shrimp
BS = Bee Shrimp

BTS = Black Tiger Shrimp
BPS = Blue Pearl Shrimp
BTS = Blue Tiger Shrimp
CBS = Cystal black shrimp

CS = Cardinal Shrimp
CRS = Crystal Red Shrimp
FRS = Fire Red Shrimp
DAE = Darwin Algae Eater
DAS = Darwin Algae Shrimp
DGS = Dark Green Shrimp
DRNS = Darwin Red Nose Shrimp
GBS =Golden Bee Shrimp
GGGS =Ghost - Glass - Grass Shrimp
HS = Harlequin Shrimp
KK = King Kong
MS = Malaya Shrimp
NACs = North Australian Chameleon Shrimp
NHS = Neocaridina Heteropoda
NS = Ninja Shrimp
OBS = Orange Bee Shrimp
OSS = Orange Sakura Shrimp
ODS = Orange Delight Shrimp
PS = Panda Shrimp
PZS = Purple Zebra Shrimp
RCS = Red Cherry Shrimp
RGFS = Red Gold flake Shrimp
RTS = Red Tiger Shrimp
RTS = Red Tupfel Shrimp
RS = Rili Shrimp
SPS = Shadow Panda Shrimp
SBS = Snow ball Shrimp
SS = Sulawesi Shrimp
STS = Super Tiger Shrimp
TB = taiwan bee
TTS = Tangerine Tiger Shrimp
TS = Tiger Shrimp
WBS = White Bee Shrimp
WES = Wine Red Shrimp
YCS = yellow cherry shrimp
YS = Yellow Shrimp
ZS= Zebra shrimp


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Maybe interchangeable. Maybe dyslexia. Maybe people aren't as good at typing with their thumbs as we'd like. Wouldn't you expect DAE to be a native version of SAE? And therefore not use it for a shrimp? Especially when all the other shrimp acronyms end in S. But no. That would be too simple.

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get your head out of fish and into shrimp. :P pretty sure they are both for the darwin algea eating shrimp but people most often use DAE since the shrimp sort of known in context (on shrimp forum etc)

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There's so many different variations on the abbreviations.

SW. Snow White bee

GB. Golden bee

Careful with Rilli, there is red rilli, red rilli blue gene, carbon rilli and some are starting to breed yellow rillis now.

Blue cherry shrimp are generally known as Blue Velvet (from rilli)

Hope this helps

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