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  1. 94vtirozguy

    some of our endler hybrids...

    I have quite a few at the moment if I get around to it, I will take some pics. Love the tiger ones above
  2. 94vtirozguy

    bent backs

    yes i have seen that a bit in the LFS with their stocks!
  3. 94vtirozguy

    Best guppy food

    i just feed mine flaked food. Occasionly i feed them peas, and spirulina as well. Only need to feed once a day.
  4. 94vtirozguy


    well on average now she has a batch of eggs every month....
  5. 94vtirozguy


    Here is picture of my 10 week old sterbai: Here is a short video of them: http://members.iinet.net.au/~luder74/aquarium/sterbai.MTS
  6. 94vtirozguy


    just got a freah batch of 100+ eggs last night from my female.
  7. 94vtirozguy

    How soon can you move fry?

    i transfer the fry as soon as they are born to a decent sized tank. Then after aging, split them into different tanks based on sex.
  8. 94vtirozguy


    yes i bred them myself.... They are now starting to swim more excitedly.... i will keep some and sell some off.
  9. 94vtirozguy

    Meth blue bath - How to :)

    you can order from techden.com.au.. .its the aquasonic stuff
  10. 94vtirozguy

    acronyms for shrimp

    Does DAE = DAS
  11. 94vtirozguy

    Meth blue bath - How to :)

    i got some yesterday. I went to 5 shops and nothing i found a place online and ordered from there. $27 for a litre.
  12. 94vtirozguy

    Amano Shrimp

    anyone know where they are available in australia to buy?
  13. 94vtirozguy

    Amano Shrimp

    its for the job they do, not so much for the look... However if there are coloured versions, then that would come secondary....
  14. 94vtirozguy

    Meth blue bath - How to :)

    maddzvk >>I am in melbourne
  15. 94vtirozguy

    soft water

    yeah i dont use chemicals at the moment mine is about 7 with tap water. Before i invest in some tanks to collect water, i am wondering if its worthwhile.
  16. 94vtirozguy

    Meth blue bath - How to :)

    i dont breed bettas
  17. 94vtirozguy

    soft water

    i am interested in using rainwater.. which i assume will be lower ph than tap water. However will the ph change at all due to the age of the water (barring of course all other influences int he tank.).
  18. 94vtirozguy

    Meth blue bath - How to :)

    yes i have been looking for it so i can use it as an antif-ungal for the fish eggs that are being produced. i am hesitant to use other meds.
  19. 94vtirozguy

    Meth blue bath - How to :)

    i am struggling to find meth blue anywhere........ tried all the local LFS
  20. 94vtirozguy

    Hi all

    hi all, new here from melbounre Finding more information on tropical fish and currently have some breeding guppies. Looking to get intot he more exotic versions.