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New killies


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Hey guys, i need some assistance :cheer:

I have a bunch of little killi-men and killi-girls, and I need some help with ID.

All the fish in the pics are pretty emaciated as i'm fairly certain the shop owner thought the tanks to be empty. They'll be wormed and fattened up ASAP :)

I have already ruled out A. amieti that one was labelled as, but i think I have 2 or 3 types of gardneri... er, how do I tell? I imagine collection location is out of the question, however they are slightly different colours so perhaps they can be further classified this way. One set has a far greener hue than my Akure boy.

The male of the standard trio - unlabelled tank.

Posted Image

Standard Trio

Posted Image

Female of Reverse Trio, assume her head being that massive is very ungood.

Posted Image

Dominant male

Posted Image

^^ hesitant to seperate as i'm having trouble keeping track of who is who, and i'm flat out of jars/bottles/cookie jars.

What was labelled as A. striatum, got 2 females from this tank.

Posted Image

Labelled as Fp. gardneri "gold". Last one left, looks like its been severely injured and healed incorrectly. That tail isn't resting in peat, its atually that shape, as is the light skin over 'neck' area.


^^ just took him as he looked like fishfood otherwise, and he was quite inquisitive :(

Any help guys?

also, bulking food suggestions? they are baulking at pellets, but ate them anyway. I'm thinking a bit of intensive feeding might help, and then move onto higher protien stuff once they look a bit stronger. I don't want to overload them.

Such cuties.

The pair (not photographed, but again, Fp. gardneri) are huddled down in the peat next to each other.

The little injured dude is in with them and just hovering around and watching the goings on.

The reverse trio isn't liking being a reverse trio and is requesting more females.

The male of the other trio is herding the girls around the tank and intermittently mouthing at pellets :(

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Will killies eat blackworms? Hope that's not a stupid question! If they will, that's a pretty good bulking up food generally, if you're game. Also I have found that Keith Addis' dry food puts heaps of size on betta fry, so would be an asset to the killies too - obviously (if you don't already have some)

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They'll be wormed and fattened up ASAP :(


They certainly need it. They are in pretty bad shape but should come good with some TLC. Some of the mis-shapenness may disappear once they return to some sort of health. The big-headednes of the female is more that the belly should be plumper to match.

As for what they are, I'll reserve judgement until they improve in condition. There are certainly some gardneri but as for the rest I'm not sure. BTW the last picture of the injured fish is actually a female :(.

To get them to bulk up the most important thing is to make them more confident so they take in more food. Add some spawning mops or java moss and maybe some floating plants if you have any. Start them on foods they will love like live blackworms or breine shrimp. Once they start taking that happly add in frozen foods and pellets like the Tim Addis stuff.

Good luck.


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All this talk of killies have got me curious...can killies go with any other fish or are they just a single species tank type of fish?


They are most often kept by themselves in small tanks but many can be kept with dwarf cichlids and corydoras. When not breeding I keep many of mine like that.


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Cool :( 's!


You have yourself some gardneri, I agree with Dean feed them up a little while, then repost pics. Then we'll have a go at them. As far as I know in the country we have:



Akure Blue




Jos Plateau


One thing to note though is the thickness of the red line on the anal and dorsal fins of the two different gardneri you have.

The striatum female looks like one! When she is well fed and doing well you should be able to see 5 rows of subtle red dots running along the body. The common name for this killie is the Five-lined killifish.

Last one is a female, and it is Fundulopanchax gardneri Gold or Golden. Very pretty!

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Oh oh! I think I have some idea what your trio might be!

Looking at your dominant males photo. On his anal fin he has a red dot at the edge of the fin above the red line.

This is an indikation of gardneri Akampka

Check out:

Akampka on Tim Addis's site

Just check the other male, if he has the same spot they are akampka.

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