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Red guppies


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I thought I would just post how well some of the guppies are going


This was one of the males that I kepy from a male that was much smaller than this one but looked the same.


After a few drops and a lot of selection I got these guys there was only two


And now after a few gens and a lot of selection I have these guys. who would have thought that there was light at the end of a tunnel

I now have putt the two best males with all of there sisters and hopefully I will get even more red coverage. It seem like a long process but it is satisfying.



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Thanks guys

@ Razzi

Up untill now I have used the virgin but now I am at this stage I am turning over to group matting all the best girls with the best boys ( I only had two boys that I realy liked , the rest went to the shop. I will select from this lots drop two trios and then from that I will cross each with the other so that I have four trios. This would mean that each female once the four trios were there would be mated to a second cousin / cousin once removed. This way I should have no problems with inbreeding depresion and the line should maintain its fertility..

@ drajit

I think the explanation I gave Razzi covers your question.



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