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  1. roydy

    endlers in aus

    Hi maddzvk, I have a hybrid collection which includes snake skins,cobra,red chilli,platinum pink, Double sword tails(various colours),neon tuxedos which are awesome,orange,gold,black bar, Red line,blue and a few others. Cheers matt
  2. Hi les sorry about the late reply,working away .hopefully Santa will bring me a new camera.currently working On double swordtail endlers.for those that are interested aquarium industries have neon tuxedo endlers on Their list,they would be one of the nicest endlers I have in my collection.
  3. I thought the day would never come,i'am so so excited with the fry drop.i have a grand total of two fry.
  4. Hi les,the temperature fluctuations at night I didn't even think of.i'll make a point of checking the temp over night.i have notice the small fryDrops with the endlers,they can range in number from one to six or seven per drop.the orange,golden,redline and swordtails are dropping Fry on a regular basis,but coloured endlers seem to take longer or no fry at all.i've been a bit slack with the frozen and live foods,I'll takeYour advice and start feeding out some black worms.i've never used grindel worms and wouldn't no where to find them.
  5. There's a mix of large leaf water sprite,java moss and some type of water fern in the tank.
  6. Has anyone had any experience with platinum pink endlers .i've had them for awhile now and the females look heavily pregnant ,But still no fry.any advice would be great.
  7. roydy

    Red guppies

    Congrats on your next generation of guppys,great colours.you would of spent ages trying to take the photos,as guppys Never stay still for that perfect photo.
  8. A very nice setup you have,the centre stand reminded me of spuds old stands.its good to see you have your interest Back.
  9. Quality driftwood is hard to find over hear in the west,there's one supplier to the Lfs I highly recommend .there product Is safe and useable straight away.tannin release is only minor and apistogrammas,blue rams and Corys love the Conditions.oh the driftwood is collectied in Western Australia.i've seen this wood at pet majic canning ton,pet majic success and avid aquariums. A lot of driftwood has been imported and has to be fumigated to be aloud into the country,thats why your tag says treated driftwood.i've used imported driftwood before,just boil it before use and let it dry out befor
  10. roydy

    New member

    Thanks for the welcome afr3178,I will post pics of my new fishroom in the coming weeks.as for bettas,i'am doing Some research at the moment .
  11. roydy

    New member

    A brief intro about myself,I've kept many fish species over the years.The main ones being malawis and bristle nose catfish. Currently I have roughly 60 + tanks which is being down sized all the time.i've always kept guppys of some description over The years,it's only over the last few years have become interested in them again.i tried breeding bettas 15 years ago and Failed.i'am currently upgrading my fishroom,and downsizing my tanks from 4 foot to 2ft x 10 x 12's,the reason for this is The price of electricity is to high and I want I more compact fishroom. Cheers roydy
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