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So many fish


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I'm still reading and researching lots, but a question keeps getting posed: Know what you want out of it - have a goal.

Okay, cool, I know what I'd like: To breed show quality green/turquoise CT. Just green, not marbled, masked, or anything else. I also wouldn't mind looking into wilds one day, but that is a way off yet. Got a lot of genetics to get my head around first :confused:/>

To breed means I experiment and learn as I go, documenting along the way, but what to do with all the fish you guys and girls, and hopefully one day I, produce? I understand you hold some of the choice offspring back for your breeding programs - to extend your own lines, and some are sold to other members and new comers like myself (yes, I'm on the look out), but that can't count for all the fish you guys and girls spawn...can it?

Do you sell to pet stores? Do you have mass give-aways at the Sunday markets? Enquiring minds want to know.

I'm investigating barrack designs at the moment but I've read so many posts from well meaning starters who are going to start a project and promise pics...and then the post dwindles away and nothing ever comes of it. People with grand designs for barracks holding anywhere from 50 to 600 (I kid you not). What do you do with all these fish?

Everyone says be prepared, so I'm trying. I want the tanks and barracks in place. I want my cultures ready to go. I want to be informed. I'll be semi happy if I've got all this in place and my first few attempts gain me :censor:/> all. I know I'll be learning and I know I'll be ready when things do take off. But I don't want to be transforming the backyard into a bottle yard and end up having to learn how to walk on them...

Okay -> back to research...

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Alot of people will sell or even trade and then cull excess stock

At first I did not agree with culling stock but when you end up with so much fish it's just something that you need to do as a breeder.

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Some fish shops will buy them as well

We're quite lucky out largest spawn has only been 30

most have been in the teens

Vey rarely have we culled and when we have its been for deformity or severe stunting (irreversible)

I know you read about spawns being in the 100s and in Thailand and even sometimes here but very rarely do they stay that large. Most Aussie breeder don't have the time to do the water changes and feeding schedule which would result in low death rates in such a large spawn so often the spawns are much more manageable to get rid off :)

(We will post a DIY on our tank barracks but we are waiting till we have internet installed again)

Also for housing multiple fish (and growing out bubs) jars in a rated room with regular water changes or in a Bain Marie are both fairly common and cheap

-->compared to a 600 space filtered heated barrack system ;)

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My largest spawn was 80, and I tried to raise them with the same considerations I had for my others 20-50 odd fry... and they all stunted.

I suppose you need to be prepared to cull for deformity, but I also make the decision at around 4 weeks, who is just not keeping up and would otherwise be eaten/left behind in nature.

But this is not a culling thread - plenty on that.

It's hard to do this without sounding like a bit of a moron, but you should be talking to local fish shops and asking if they would be interested in taking young adult halfmoons if you can grow them out.

Sure, you'll keep some if you want, and then advertise on forums and gumtree if and when you have good stock to sell (you'll sell much more if you are prepared to ship interstate)

Prepare for about 40 fry, by the time you jar them (8-12 weeks) you'll have a fair idea how many you will have to house.

Yes, be prepared - there's nothing more unfair than someone saying OH GOD my fish just spawned! now what!

So you're doing the right thing.

Oh, I've also heard of people keeping just a few fish to grow out and enjoy, and selling off the rest of the spawn, or giving them away - most people would be quite happy to try their hand at raising some young ones without the spawning hassle.

GOODLUCK! we need more greens!


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Just be careful of 'paralysis by analysis'. Sometimes, you just need to get a couple of tanks, get the fish, and just go for it. The rest will fall into place. Except live food. Make sure you can source some vinegar eels or microworms. Oh and make sure you can get brine shrimp eggs to hatch. That's it. Nothing else. Get to it! *lol*

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Razzi - now I think I've covered the beginning , the middle, and the end, I very much intend to get on with it. I've got one more tank to get, and I'll be doing a DYI (is that Do Yourself In?) job on that to turn it into a four-fella barrack, (plans already sketched up) and then I'm most definitely getting on with it.

The bigger barracks system will come along as I get a chance and funds allow. The bain-marie system will be my system of choice in the mean-time (thanks Ness). I'll be contacting local shops to see what the go is with supplying them with any I manage to grow out (after I offer here, of course - now I'll need advice on how to ship fish around the place...).

Before the new tank arrives, and I get started on my DIY, I'll start my live cultures.

Cheers guys


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Happened to be talking to a little family-owned Aquarium supply shop today about the next tank I want for my DIY project, and slipped in a sly question about whether they'd be interested in buying some of my little guys and girls once I'm up and running. They were extremely keen!

No excuses now - they know where I live....

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Sounds like you've got things all in check there brenton. Good work!

Just to reiterate. ...

Live food is a must... vinegar eels are easy to culture and don't go foul if you neglect them for a while

Make sure you have a source of BBS. . Either hatch them yourself or buy newly hatched from local fish shop

Bain maree is easy but water changes are a real pain in the proverbial. .. be prepared for that one.

Culling of obviously defective fry should be done early and ruthlessly. .. I failed with this one and really wasted precious time and resources looking after useless fish.

Selling fry to LFS should be at about 1/3 retail... $3 for a $10 fish, $10 for a $30 halfmoon (rough guide).

Enjoy! They're great fish and fascinating to breed. Good luck

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Thanks Paul - and for the price guide as well: that was probably going to be one

of the next questions fired off. You've saved everyone from that fate

Off to research all the live food types.


Oh - does one purchase fish bags for transport wholesale somewhere?



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