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  1. Big azza

    Best guppy food

    I was feeding my guppy once per day and they are doing really good.im just hoping that by doing two feeds I get better color out of the fish
  2. Big azza

    Best guppy food

    What would be the best foods for the guppy live,frozen,pellets,flakes What is being feed and how much ? Morning feeds I'm feeding frozen bloodworms/brine shrimp Night feeds I'm feeding aqua one color inhancing flakes I have only just started feeding my guppy this before I was just feeding them Coles flake food.so I'm expecting a very big improvement in my guppys
  3. Brenton I think you are right about breeding back to the mother it will increase my chance of getting a starting point for EE.i am going to still try a few sib spawns and just hope I can get a Cambodian EE it's a long shot but I think it would be worth a try My EE halfmoon female dropped her eggs tonight so I'm going to have to condition her up again it's kinda good timing cos I'm treating her for worms and I was worried the eggs might have worm eggs in them sounds silly but at least I know now it's going to be fresh eggs.i think in maybe 2-3 weeks time I'll give them a go but on the up side I got my spawn tank all ready to go I had to clean all my tanks and filters
  4. I should also add she has one big and one small ear and that's the small side in the pic
  5. Yes that's me on Facebook She was sold to me as a dumbo but I think you are right.so would she be ee still ? I hope so
  6. Wow I knew it was going to be hard but that's real hard So maybe for now I'll drop halfmoon and just go with deltas and super deltas which should make things a lot easier getting Cambodian will prosy be the easiest part I think the hard part is the ee so after this spawn I think I will set up a few In the hopes of getting ee Spawn 1 will be the best male from the spawn with the biggest ears back to the mother Spawn 2 will be a sib pair showing the best form As for the mother I'll put up a pic on ausaqua Facebook page Thanks for that guys
  7. Thanks for that guys I would be happy with just some real nice super deltas from this spawn if I do get luck and they throw a halfmoon well I would be over the moon.i am just trying to improve on my form from what I already have which is not much at the moment do even some top deltas would be a good thing. My male is a Cambodian delta with pk geno My female is a halfmoon ee blue in color My goal would be Cambodian halfmoon with ee with blue fins So after I do this spawn all the fry should be Cambodian geno and I think 25% of the spawn would be ee does this sound right Thanks I meant 25% of the spawn would be ee geno
  8. Hi guys If someone like me was to do a cross between a delta and halfmoon what tail types could I expect to get I'm thinking mostly deltas with a handful of some super deltas maybe one or two halfmoons Thanks for any info given
  9. Hi Ricky I have bought some fighter fish from your store all I can say is they are amazing I ended up with a male and female hmpk dumbo I will be watching the spawn log on your new pair
  10. The males bubble nest was so small but he is building it up I have no idea what the fry is going to turn out like would be cool if some turned out like the dad
  11. Well the last 2 days I was moving tanks around and I had a red male pk in with a Blue black vt female in a tempory tub Well the have spawned in this tub lucky me
  12. I have been having trouble sleeping So I get on the net looking info up on bettas
  13. The male is still building the nest but I don't think the female is interested anymore It's ok it gives me time to sort out my tanks I want add more live plants I got myself a aqua one 6watt led light and been trying to find info on it but I can't find any info at all.it says it good for coldwater tropical and planted aquariums All I know so far Is it makes my fish look a lot nicer and also taking photos I'm think it would be good for a 20 litre tank which is what I got it on now.i have some live plants in that tank that wasn't looking to good so a few more weeks and I can see how it gos.
  14. Thanks Brenton Well my ct pair started to wrap under the nest for about 30 mins with no eggs and then the female swam away and nothing since Both are getting along so I'll leave them in together but I don't think they will spawn
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