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  1. I was feeding my guppy once per day and they are doing really good.im just hoping that by doing two feeds I get better color out of the fish
  2. What would be the best foods for the guppy live,frozen,pellets,flakes What is being feed and how much ? Morning feeds I'm feeding frozen bloodworms/brine shrimp Night feeds I'm feeding aqua one color inhancing flakes I have only just started feeding my guppy this before I was just feeding them Coles flake food.so I'm expecting a very big improvement in my guppys
  3. Hi Ricky I have bought some fighter fish from your store all I can say is they are amazing I ended up with a male and female hmpk dumbo I will be watching the spawn log on your new pair
  4. I know with guppy females if they don't feel safe they will hold off giving birth How's your tank set up do you have a lot of plants
  5. Big azza

    What to do

    No signs of disease I think I'll just leave it as is for now I'll give them an extra feed to make sure they are all getting feed and see how that gos
  6. Big azza

    What to do

    I'm doing 2 feeds aday bbs and crushed flakes Should I add an extra feed
  7. Big azza

    What to do

    I have a 20l tank with about 20 guppy fry Temp 23 Ph:7.0 10 litre water change every 2 days I have fry that are slowly dieing not in big numbers I was thinking they may be weak fry so I didn't want to change anything or should I
  8. That must be the worst when a tank does that Do you have bettas aswell
  9. I'll take heaps of photos as I am going to start again last one the shelves were to weak Give me a few days and I'll have pics for you
  10. That how I would like to breed them I read that you do a cross every sixth generation.but you will still end up with a few deformed fry every now and then. Do you have your guppys already
  11. At the moment I have three tanks 1st tank is for the adult guppys 2nd tank has the half black fry 3rd tank has snake skin fry I'll have more tanks soon as I am building a betta barracks so I'll be able to seperate males from females Im trying to be able to do it with 5 tanks I'm only going to keep the first drop of fry and cull or give away what I don't need I almost forgot I also have a 6 litre tank as a birthing tank
  12. Hi Dan Love the pics can't wait to get my guppys to that stage I'll put pics up once my snake skin fry colour up they are doing very well ATM What strain of guppy are you wanting to breed
  13. The dragon head guppy is also know as hb aoc guppy
  14. Hi Dan Now you dun it? Lol Now I want two types of guppys that one you put a photo up off and one exactly like that one but black and white All my guppys are from a lfs also so I'll be starting from scratch
  15. Hi everyone I'm wanting to learn as much about guppy genitics as possible. I have tried reading as much info as possible but I'm more of a hands on person with learning. I would like to go back to basics to breeding guppies. I'm really liking the dragon head guppy,and from what I have read you need a half black and snake skin (can anyone confirm ) So I have had two female guppys drop fry First guppy is a half black which had 8 fry 7 is half black 1 is snake skin Seconde guppy is a snake skin which had 25 fry two days ago How would I go about breeding to achive dragon head gup
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