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My new barracks


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Hey, just thought I'd post some pics of the barracks I just made out of an old 2' tank! The tank was about 70 years old (at least), so I removed some weird old putty from the bottom and re-siliconed it, then I got some glass, 4x 300x200 dividers, and a 600x300 back wall (only cost about $35 too). I left a 4mm gap under the back wall, and pump the water in at the top via airtube, using a A1 102F internal filter. I put some filter wool in the filter as it just had sponge, and will try fit some carbon in it too... If I need more filtration I can get a 2nd 102F and connect it to the current spraybar which the airline comes out of, or add more tubes, or I could get a 103 instead... I'll see how it goes. I'm getting driftwood and java fern for each compartment too, and the back section the filter is in will probably have a java moss 'wall' on the back, and maybe some neons and a bristlenose!

My cory tank on the left, a 9l betta tank in the middle which will probably be moved, and the new barracks on the right:


The divider setup:


Also, how high can bettas jump? the dividers go about 4cms above the water atm, but I'm wondering if I'll still need some kind of lid for them.

Thanks to shadoh, Bethbot, and other's posts on here about barracks for design ideas! hehe

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Yeah I was planning on doing something to card them, some kinda thin black plastic... any ideas on what to use?

And yeah I guess it'd be a good idea to lid them anyway. I just might not be able to use a single piece of glass, metal lip on the top of the aquarium might block it, so may need to get something flexible... Or maybe just 2 pieces of glass! lol

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Hey Rodger

If you have any plastic file deviders you can cut them to size and if inserted and pressed close to glass they will stay in position. As Razzi said I would think of individual lids for the compartments as males will get to each other with devistating effects. I like your set up it is a good start and you seem prepared for your Betta.



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