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  1. angrier then a sun burnt toad lost in the dessert

  2. metallic silver/purple hm fry going strong and now purple dumbo fry 24 hours old

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    2. 6ftaquaman


      yeah they sound good

    3. Hehecherie


      They DO sound very nice :)

    4. detour


      pictures will be on there way by the end of this week

  3. we have hatching, woke up early this morning to find eggs hatching in my breeding tank and my wild caught arena betta looking after his fry very well - fingers crossed this are going to be nice fish when they are grown

  4. noooooooooooooooo! the eggs are all gone - bloody male betta ate them all

    1. les


      Hey De

      That happens a lot to new Dads. often the next time it goes well. Try again in two or three weeks



  5. Hey all here are my latest bettas SIAM FEMALE ARENA SNUFFY MALE ARENA THEY JUST SPAWNED IM EXCITED..... sorry for bad pics ( im using web cam atm ) also meet my second pair SAP MALE HALFMOON JUMBO FEMALE HM (these to are in conditioning atm. and lastly a bad sneak at the nxt 4 fmals witig there husbands to arrive DOLLS- FEMALE HM DOLLS- (IN FRONT) AND PRISCILLA- WHITE AND TURQ DRAGON FEMALE (IN BACK ) DARTS - FEMALE BLACK CELLOPHANE DOUBLE TAIL TYPHOON - FEMALE DRAGON ( NAME COMES FROM HER ATTIUDE TO OTHERS) HOPE YOU ALL L
  6. nawww *hug* Bettarazzi sit back have a stiff drink and enjoy the new year wishig you all the best and everyone the best for 2013
  7. just filled my new grow out tank with water - 380 litres . conditioning the water for next few days and then bam i turn around and i have eggs in my breeding tank. looks like i got the grow out tank just in time. silver HM's fingers crossed the spawn is a good one

  8. hey plakathunter thanks for the input - yeah i was thinking about doings silver half moon with metallic copper female the DT PK with a red dragon or white dragon female ( if i can find one or 20 lol ) and the celo with the short tail i had no idea but love the iridescence he has so ill try to find a white female as you suggest. thanks for the thoughts tho big help Regards De
  9. im so excited- i get to pick up my new 4 ft grow out tank in just over 1 hour ... $61 what a bargain

  10. hey all would love to hear some feed back on these. fish 1 MALE steel - would love to know what colour females to breed him with to keep the silver colour in his offspring. and i think his half moon unsure ? fish 2 MALE double tail pk- not sure if he classes as dragon tho? white and red - would love to try and get his offspring to give whites any suggestions? fish 3 MALE was sold to me as young female but turned out to be a male. not sure on his tail type or what to call his coloring. would love to keep the colour in his offspring any suggestions ?
  11. wow thats really awesome my mind ticks ( omg i want one now ) great job DE
  12. awww so pretty i like the runts they my heart
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