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Proposed Changes to the Importation of Live Ornamental Fish


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Am I interpreting this right??

An unspecified percentage of fish taken from a shipment and thrown in the science blender.

Whatever is left, has no need whatsoever for quarantine and may be released instantly into the community? Sounds legit.

Its all very vague for an official statement isnt it! I don't suppose anyone will be reinbursing the importer for the loss of tested fish.

Seems like it is being presented as a cost-effective option without giving any numbers, but I fail to see how this is supposed to protect Australian fish from imported disease? If the fish 'look' healthy at the moment they are imported, I guess thats good enough?

Holders of ornamental fish import permits who are willing to participate in the trial are asked to contact Animal Biosecurity by 17 December 2012.

Will you be volunteering for the inside scoop someone? XD

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If they are going to sample the fish then the importers will need to make it clear in the law that any fish that the department samples, the invoice value for those fish HAS TO BE financially reimbursed and there should be a limit at 1 fish per 50 fish in the bag.

Or if there are 10 fish of the same species each in it's 1 fish in each separate bag then only 1 can be sampled in random.

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Yeah Dave, we don't get a say in what Biosecurity choose to do. Can the overseas sellers afford the testing regime? Can they be bothered? We're a small industry compared to other countries. Will it be worth bothering jumping through the hoops just to sell a small quantity to Australia?

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I agree with Razzi. Can they actually be bothered to hold their stock for this extra time and get it all approved instead of sending it off to Australia who then quarantine it. Very true, everything you said. Will be interesting to see what happens. I think it will be best to keep the current system as places that actually import have special QAP facilities. Would that mean that anyone without a QAP will be able to import fish with the new regulations?

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It's worth having a read of the current Import Conditions.

I'll just copy and paste some of the conditions I find interesting.

1. A veterinary certificate must accompany each consignment and must:

3.An Official of the Competent Authority of the Government of the exporting country, having an appropriate knowledge of fish health and the export premises, must endorse (sign and stamp using a stamp of the government veterinary or agriculture administration) each page of the:

1. Only finfish listed in the Live Ornamental Fish: Permitted Species Import list are included in this consignment, and are documented on the attached invoice.

2. The fish in the consignment have been inspected within seven (7) days prior to export and show no clinical signs of infectious disease or pests.

3. The export premises is currently approved for export to Australia as meeting standards under DAFF.

5. All fish in the consignment have been in premises approved for export of freshwater finfish to Australia for the 14 days prior to export.

So fish are supposed to quarantined by the exporter in a facility that meets Aus. standards for two weeks prior to being exported. Be inspected by some one employed by the local government equivalent to our AQIS authority and receive a bill of health from a veterinarian.

Not too different to what DAFF are asking for the new system.

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