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Advice on Java moss


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Hi everyone !

I bought some java moss back the ate auction and didn't have anything to do with it so i stuck it into a jar with some conditioned water.It was sitting in there for approx 5 days.

OMG inside there was a film of oil on the surface. inside the water it went all cloudy it stunk so bad. there was a build up of this cream colour stuff as well, it looked like snot.

my question is, after thorough rinsing with tap water can this be reused or is it best to not use it anymore ?

the smell was gone and it looked normal again.


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I've never seen that with my java moss.

My not so educated advice. Stick it in a 2 litre ice cream container and put it on a windowsill or out the back yard. Just make sure you top it up with water every couple of days. As a bonus, you can harvest mossie wrigglers from the container and feed them to your bettas.

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Given a good rinse, I don't see why you can't still use it in a tank.

Some people let it float free, others tie it to driftwood or rocks with fine cotton or a ladies hairnet (Be careful with the latter if you have catfish/cories).

In my experience it tends to do better somewhere with a current flowing over it, even better somewhere with shrimp who will keep it clean of debris.

G'lucks :D

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I find java moss pretty much impossible to kill. I have it in tanks with no light, low light and medium light and it grows well in all of them.

Could have just been some sort of protein film from a lack of water circulation?

If it still looks green chuck it into your tank and it should start to grow within a couple of weeks.

I love java moss. One of my favourite aquarium plants.

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Hi Saf

My protocal for new plant material is the following:

make up a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water ( this is used for tissue culture as well )

place plant material and solution in a container with lid and shake vigerousley

leave standing for five minutes then rinse well.

I then leave for a week to see if there are any nasties developing.

this will help stop any alge or bacteria ( snails as well ) from entering your tanks )

It is always prudent to have a protocaol for quarenteening new plants and fish. it will save you a lot of regret by following a few simple rules.



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thanks for the comment everyone.

What i have done was break it up into smaller pieces and rinsed it thoroughly with tap then condition water.

but what i did notice was when i put it into my main tank it was like this cloudy white stuff was still coming out of it so i immediately took it out and did a 20% water change in my main tank.

I then rinsed it again and divided it into 2 clumps and placed them each into my smaller tank. Didnt notice the cloudy stuff coming out of it.

It smelt pretty bad when it had all the gunk in it. almost like rotten eggs.

I might add the java moss still looks healthy and green. It just produces a nasty cloudy mess lol

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