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HisGirl's Betta's


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More to come

Eos and Katniss (Pic to come) are my big girls they are a good inch and a half maybe? the little girls are only 1/2 the size.

*NB Gaia prefers to hang at the back of the tank hence why her pics a bit, well crapper then the rest

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Hi guys, Einny is actually a LFS betta, I have actually touched base with Jim in regards to getting him a girlfriend ^_^

heading to said petstore again tomorrow (Never buying guppies there again, guppies have introduced fungus into female tank and killed off 7guppies, girls seem to be ok so far treating tank.)

so they owe me $20 for the guppies, im picking up 4 tanks tomorrow ^_^ and likely a good chance possiblity of a new fish IF They have any lookers;)

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Today i added two more male and two more females to the tribe, lord help me, also picked up 4 small single tanks and a 14 bay tank....the bay tankws used when the lady was breeding chilids so bays can be divided into 4 (to hold 56) for fry. Ill b buying dark plastic folders to create cardable bays.

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