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  1. I is a very happy camper currently Chi's fishus got to me finally! 4 male half moons 6 female half moons 5 black orchid double crowntails ^_^/> i think 3 have defiant egg spots the other two are too little to tell yet me thinks ok lets see: this boy i hopes just a colour pattern lol he is already named Pirate :)/> will have to upload in bits :)/>
  2. yeh i got my fish safe silicone at bunnings i think it was yeh $8-$10 for a tube, my issue is Baby brain mixed with house move and at least 6 different ets of handds i can no longer find said tube or chalking gun >.< Ness whats the mess you used? im currently using a craft mesh but its not very tall. And i get the display folders that the spin swings off piviot at top, i pull it off and find the mesh slides into it very easily, being white its hard to see through and if needed i use the plastic off the folder to card them (slid inbeside the mesh) havent had any issues with water parm's going crazy and 2 fish have lived this way quite happily for several months (in 20 litre tanks, filtered and heaters)
  3. HisGirl


    Unfortunately i woke and did my morning check and somehow lost Achilles over night he was in the EXACT same conditions as Alvin but I only lost him. Spy has had a nibble at hims tail this week along with Cookie and Kermit. >.> im about to post in the coffeeshop its bound to be a laugh so keep an eye out.
  4. HisGirl


    All but 2 of my current boys *missing from this pic are Moostash, Cookie Monster and Kermit, both are black and white (now so more black THEN white) Half moons one with blue the other with green shimmer) and the current girls: *Note Gaia and Regan are the only girls not in the 4 foot, also note my 4 newest girls are not named and no photos yet.(I worked off the "let them settle in" before i pics..yeh in a 4 foot tank with camera hogs....>.<) Also noticed Regans tails almost fully healed in less then two weeks ^_^
  5. Cant wait till my fish from Chi get here ^_^ So excited!

  6. HisGirl


    ive never yet had any betta even look like going through iv ehad the pots awhile in most tanks but i will find my white small mesh and cover the holes guppies on other hand love them. ive had a snail corner and clean the bavk of these pots trapping fish in the corner till he had finished his cleaning it was funny but guppy was not impressed
  7. HisGirl


    Ok so the only *decent* set up is the 4 foot. everything else is just temp set up cause of the move. Not the best quality images cause thems off the mobile phone. Here is "Moostash" my white/clear CTone eye is dark the other is light and he has a moostash/lipstick and one of my Reticulate "yoyo" Loaches For the time being i will be setting my 2foot wide x 2 foot tall x 1 foot deep tank up on the floor yes it's going to be a PITA when it comes to move it again (will need 100% draining due to empty weight) but then i can set up my 6 foot tall 5 shelf stand and put my tanks back onto that. then i can work at setting up my 20liter tanks 100% and plant them out. also this means i can work in the 2 foot without relying on a freind to help cause i physically *even standing on a chair* cannot reach the bottom.
  8. long time back again with new fish new house and a baby on the way ^_^

  9. This be Blob. Blob thinks himself very pretty :)
  10. Yeh added u, my boy is a bay tb never raced. but has awesome bloodlines.

  11. Yeah I've got him getting his supplier to find me a full masked super blood red half moon pair. At the moment I have a green/red half moon pair bred by chi from on here,

    I have a 16hh chestnut thoroughbred gelding, who's at drake atm mustering.. Add me on facebook- Telesis loloa

  12. Yeh i think i have....currently got 5 from their stock, and they are bringing in more between 8-10th lol. horses in ur interests, defiantly hit me up i just got a new horse :D

  13. Hey mate, I see you're from Lismore too!! Awesome,

    Saw one of your posts and noticed you get stock from John and Rheia at R&J Aquatics.. :)

  14. He told me he gets them from the import room up in Brissy. but oh well i like the colours and have had bubble nests yesterday off both boys.
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