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New addition *whistles*

Wild Nut

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Haha I promised myself no new bettas after my last lot of wilds were purchased, but then someone posted up that really cute little white marble CT female and 'somehow' my finger slipped and I bought her.



I'm hoping maybe to cross her onto my fancy HMPK male to try and create a line of fancy HMPKCTs, as I have no luck with normal male CTs (their rays always melt to stubs). But if that doesn't work out, she gets pride of place on my bedside table.


Also here is a picture of my male Nimbus chilling out in my community tank. There are about four or five different species of fish in there, but he is so placid he gets on fine with them. Personally I think he is just liking stealing all of their food haha



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Haha I was hoping she wouldn't put my full name down so I don't look like a complete betta junkie.

I'm hoping the 4th time will be the charm when it comes to spawning splendens. If not I might just buy a pair and chuck them out in a tub over summer and see what comes of it lol.

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I really liked the boy she was pared with :)

I would have got him too but for some reason no matter how perfect my water parameters, whenever I get male CTs their rays tend to start melting away until they end up with little stubs. Oddly enough, this has never been the case with any CT females I have.

I just didn't want to purchase another really nice CT male and have him go to crap. I was just glad someone had the female available separately.

The water in her new tank has dropped massively. I am thinking the HOB is leaking but it doesn't feel wet. Le sigh. My poor poor carpet.

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