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Looking after Blackworms


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Hi Everyone,

Didn't know where to put this, so I thought here would be best.

I've been looking into getting live blackworms but I have no idea how to look after them. How does everyone look after their blackworms?

Thanks in advance for any advice.



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I put a 15ml serving or two into a small ice cream container and totally forget about them for weeks on end. When I find them in an inconvenient spot and with almost no water left, I top up with chlorinated tap water and repeat the process.... Oh that isn't what you meant, was it? :giggle:

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Thanks all of you :)

Sounds pretty easy once it's all set up! Shouldn't have too many problems :P

Thanks for the thread Sarah, really helpful :)

Chi- how many worms do you get at a time for that size tank?

Haha Yan- the thread is about taking care of them! :P but it's good to know they're so hardy!

Busman- very simple! How many fish do you feed with the amount of worms you fit in there and for how long?

Thanks again everyone :)

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i normally get 2kg from Australian Blackworms at a time.

I normally put 1kg of it in a 3t tank with heavy aeration and a bare bottom tank.

You don't really need to change the water with that much water.

I normally feed them some trout or sinking pellets with a high protein count to make sure it sustains them and they reproduce ..slowly

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