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I'm going to Sydney for a few days (could be 3, could be 5 not sure yet) to work on a commissioned mural... however I'm hoping I might have a day or two either side to "prepare" the wall and basically wait for paint to dry.

If you know me, you'll have half a clue that I use any opportunité in a new environment to locate and destroy all good LFS stores.

Basically I'm keen to find out if y'all have any suggestions for LFS in central Sydney... or kinda close, that I might get public transport to?

There's also a chance I might have a vintage Jag at my disposal (don't ask) so if I can jump start the mongrel I might be able to get out a bit further.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Things worth saying about fish that are about fish that I should search and destroy?

The end


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St George closed down a while ago, before I ever got around to having a peak.

Aquaristic is supposed to be great, although I haven't gotten out there yet. One day. *mwhaha*

Auburn is my fav, not really central though. That's where Yanny works.

When will you be here?

And where is this wall mural going? Must make a note to go visit it someday. Would love to see the amazing art of Ness in person!

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Yeh St George was the best aquarium ever! They even had arowanas for sale! Which I purchased (and then 1 yr later it knocked the lid off the tank and committed suicide) but it really depends what type of fishies are you looking for ness? Betta's I presume? Then for quality betta's HM, Giants, etc. I recommend the one at Flemington (bit pricey though but damn they are nice fish! At least when I last visited a few weeks back) I think it is called Sydney Discus World Aquarium as you can catch the train to Flemington station and it is like a 5min walk, also if you go on Sunday you can visit the Haymarkets as well and get crap for real cheap! and of course another pricey place is Aquaristic Aquarium. Hope you have fun visiting our great city of Sydney!

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WOAH! Go team!

Some great suggestions and kind offers there peeps.

Apparently I'm getting flown out to do a mural at an izakaya resturant, proof's in the plane ticket - but sussing out before I go... so sorry Sarah, not sure it'll be a performance piece like the stripeT one.

thanks for all the offers and suggestions, I'll do some research and check out prices on car rentals et al.

How good would it be to arrive at Auburn and be a pain in the A$$ customer for madam Yan.... or best. customer. ever.



my god... i'm totally going to have to do this.

fingers crossed the architects have good taste eh?

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Ness, judging from the customers Yan normally gets, I think you'd be the best one! Do ask if she "has any chips".

Do let us know details when you get them. Shame it may not be a show, but we'll have to see it when it's done, then. :)

If you can make it to Auburn and have time, maybe the Sydney people could meet there? There's a little coffee shop next door, we did that when we collect grooming comp fry.

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Also Sydney discus world is only a 5 minute drive to Auburn aquarium. You can catch a train to flemington(sydney discus world) from central station and a 500 metre walk to shop. If your here on a w/end I should be able to give you a lift as I only live across the road from Sydney Discus World. HTH

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