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Substitute for Kordon Breathing bags


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Great News for those who has been waiting for a substitute for Kordon Breathing bags!:cheer:


I have personally tested these bags with GOLD FISH, CRS and Neon Tetra.

After 10 days, I've lost one neon tetra and the rest were still alive however

I didn't go any further for humanity reason. The size of the bag is 15cm x 25cm

which makes it a good fit for Small fishes and Shrimps and it can be reuse as

many times as you want.

Here is some more pictures:


-2.jpg<Correct -1.jpg<Incorrect

The correct way to use these bags is not leaving any air in the bag as I showed clearly in the pictures above.

I am going to give away few tester to the first 8 Users and all I am asking is to post your comments about this product in this thread.

If you interested please PM me with your name and postal address.

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The bags are not suitable for any fish that requires ordinary air. Any fish or aquatic organism that 'breathes' in water is perfectly fine in this type of bag.

The bag is made from special plastic which allows for air transfer but the pores of the plastic is too small for water to seep through.

I myself am looking forward to trying these bags. It can potentially make fish posting much more economical as you can put more bags of fish into the same styrofoam box.

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Like Serka said, I don't think they are any good for bettas as we all know Betta breath from the water surface but they would be really good for fish like L-numbers,

Killies, CRS etc. I will be getting some bigger sizes for bigger fish like discus if anyone interested.

Btw I've already posted the first lot of testers out and if anyone else interested please pm me :)

lachie1998: I haven't test the ammonia nitrate or nitrite as I assume they would not live if they were too high but I will test it next time.

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I have tested these bags and I didn't have any problems. I received 2 of these bags in the mail to test, with one I sent some shrimp to QLD and the other I tested by putting feeder fish in (had them in there for 3 days no problems). So in conclusion these bags are an excellent sub for kordon breathing bags, thanks Kitz for the tester bags.

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