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What a terrible waste of manzanita branches


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I'm sure that'll be the cry of the aquascapeists. But I like my fish more than my plants and driftwood.

Anyway, today I got around to making my next little creations to go in to my wild betta tanks. I bought some small manzanita branches from Fishchicks on the weekend with the idea of growing Java moss and Subwassertang in the branches. Unfortunately it looks like I gave away most of my Java moss in the last week without realising it.

Anyway I took some photos, so anyone who is interested could see what I've done.

3 small branches, each with a suction cap attached to them.


testing, testing. Yup it holds.



In one of the apisto grow out tanks.


Two of the branches sit out in to the tank, while the third branches up instead of out in to the water column. I plan on growing them in, in the apisto tanks, so there is fair bit of plant mass, before I put them in to the betta tanks. The idea is that the moss branches will provide a resting place of the bettas and provide fry some where to graze on micro organisms.

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I like the form on them.

Ensure that the Betta will not rip the fins or get caught on/in the smaller branches.

Have done similar, but removed them because of fins being torn.

If the moss covers most of the ends you should be fine.

More photos the Betta.. :halfmoon:

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Thanks for the comments guys.



More photos tomorrow or Saturday. I can't wait till all the apistos have grown out and are sold, as there is a fair bit of mopani rootwood with anubis growing on them to go in to the betta tanks.

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