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Oops... all of their names are OOPS


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This is oops


he is very black


This is oops

he has an angry face on his tail


This is oops, he is a red round tail (with some light marbling in the body?)


This is Oops he is a standard snakeskin


My mum is after a tank of happy guppy males, so don't freak out like i'm freaking out about this freaking freak out. ok?

I got a rocking deal on these noodles, and will probably keep the black one.

he has a wife.

in fact they all have bloody wives.... why did I do that?

I went a bit mad.

I can sense some purchase of that bloody embroidery mesh to seperate the guppy noodles, I don't even have a suitable ruddy heater for the little monsters.

I never wanted to breed black or brown fish, and I was SURE i wasn't ever going to breed guppies...... but but... I can put so many pretty males in together and it looks like lollies!!!


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such pretty oopsies! that is one amazing moscow! and i can't believe that guppy is actually sporting a smilie on its tail. you should breed them and produce different emoticons and take over the painted fish market XD

edit: too many 'oopses' on this page. i've got britney spears in my head now!

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Just had a look at these on the computer. They look even more tempting. Oops... The sound of the last of my self control crumbling. Oops... The sound I'm going to make when my phone gets cut off 'cause I spent my bill money on GUPPY SHOW PONIES AND TANKS... oops

Is it a trick of the light, or is that a flash or two of magenta in that red round tail? I don't know much about guppies (yet) but know some guppy heads would give their right :censor: for a fish with magenta genes...

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I saw a sensational male guppy tank on an LFS crawl a couple of years ago. I've been meaning to set up something similar ever since. I can understand where you're coming from. But Ness. You.. umm.. should I say it? ... Oh what the hell. You don't have enough. You need lots more. I mean lots and lots. And they have to be all different colours and patterns to get the lollie effect. go easy on the black ones. They will get outshone in a multi coloured male guppy tank.

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You're all mad.

I do like the fact I can have a tank that looks like a mixed bag of lollies, I bought all these dudes for my mum who briefed me on a tank, she wanted a HAPPY TANK ...I photographed it today and she loves it, so I'm off the hook. (i.e. the 8 little oops's aren't staying at my house - they're GOING AWAY)

I think I'll just have two pretty 'scaped guppy 10 lt tanks with my Red Metal Trio and my Black Russian pair... what comes out of them really isn't important to me, if people want to buy fry - go nuts... otherwise the giants are going to get guppy snacks every now and then.... I wouldn't mind a tank full of red metal lace boys... SO COOL YOU CAN KEEP BOYS TOGETHER

Time to enjoy the hobby again, not the industry (:

Thankyou GuppyooOOoops, you've reminded me that I love shiny little colourful things that make me happeh.

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My two stand out guppy males - the rest were really damagedby some early velvet so have gone to nice pet homes.

Do they has the A.D.D?

Press mute if you dont want your ears to bleed.... wonderingif either of these are half as good as dad, if I should be looking forparticular markings / body types / tail types - branching shape etc.


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Hey Ness

If you Mum wants a happy tank give her a tank of laughing gas and keep the guppies for you. How cold is your apartment??? as My guppies get as low as 14 deg so if you apartment keeps above that you shouldnt have to heat.



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