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I flogged the Aquascaping competition a little while ago that Subscape have a new Fluval edge tank up for grabs for the winner.

Now the short-listed entrants are in, and the winner is chosen by how many likes it gets - THIS IS WHERE YOU AND YOUR MILLION FRIENDS COME IN

Please go to this link - have a look around, then vote for NESS to win - by liking my pic (yee haw)

The Betta are severly under-represented, let's show Subscape that Betta are the new black, that they're in fashion, darling, and that we want more high quality HMs in the store and ..yadda yadda


Vote for me, my mum gets the tank, every body's happy.

Click on me baby - i take you where you needs to go

ok? - share the link, share the plea, share the... what is it?

Share the WINNING MAN.

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Jarrod - yeah ! Well gloves off mate - this is PR WAR!

Hahahahha it's all good fun, neither of us stand a chance against that amazing tank that, well, I have to admit I voted for:


BUT COME ON MAN - it's ALREADY in a fluval edge


I have hard rubbish tanks (Jarrod, I'm sure we both swerve off to the side of the road when we see a 3 ft tank in hard rubibsh) THIS DUDE DONT NEED NUTHER ONE

hehehhehe anyhoo - it's great to promote the competition - Subscape are really generous with prizes and offering the forum to chat about scaping so either way



my dad taught me, it's not the winning that counts, it's by HOW MUCH.


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Yeah, like someone who already owns a fluval edge, needs another one! It needs to go to someone who won't take it for granted... I just have one thing to say:


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It's neck and neck

I'm pretending I'm black caviar and we're rounding the last stretch - there's two days to go - my typing is getting faster as I pretend I'm calling a race-a - with only 78 votes to go-a - get on the facebook-a and make your likes count-a

They're coming down the straight-a and Ness's mum wants a fluval edge-a (you know how race callers say "ah" at the end of their dot points)

oh it's frantic-a

Why do i get the feeling it's moar like this:


Than this:


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Your hossy was very pretty Jarrod, any one of my girls would be happy to bully others in that tank.

It's a PR competition - while I secretly want to WIN for my mum , I could just go on eBay couldn't i? I'm just in it for the biological filtration (lazy daughter)

mwahahahhhhh ponies.... somehow it always comes down to ponies.

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The pair of you are nuts. :-). Lol.

I love both your tanks. Must admit though, I love reading the friendly banter just as much. This has been a great laugh.

Good luck to both of you.

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