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Hey ppl i'm a long time betta breeder in gympie qld (had to sell them a yr ago but gettin back into it) I have a 2 foot, a 3 foot, 4 foot and a a couple smaller tanks with my sons pet fighters (veil-tails). There will be a pair of convicts goin in the 2 foot (just waitin for a friends fry to grow :) ) in the 3 foot i have a albino s/f pleco, a clown loach, rainbow shark and an electric yellow with kuhli loaches to come. In the 4 foot i've got my male red terror. I will post pics in the next few days. I'm also goig to design a whole fish room dedicated to breeding betta's. still in the planning and design stage tho so be about 6 mnths before i really start again. thought id say hi :)

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Hey there, from just north of Glenwood, up the Bruce from you :applaud:

Drying out there yet mate? I second Shadoh, look forward to seeing your room progress! Some awesome breeders on this forum, like swimming with the "big fish" and absorbing all the knowledge... Everyone is so kule and easy to talk to, nobody stuck-up here :lol:

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