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My new Tarantulas


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As some of you would know, I am absolutly terrified of spiders, this has been the case for about 18 months now. I used to LOVE them, I grew up next to the top scientist in regards to spiders in Australia so I think thats where I got it from. We used to walk around our yard and feed inscts to all the spiders that were around the place. He has been describing the Australian Tarantulas so hopefully they will soon have species names rather than localities.

I wanted to get over my fear so on Saturday I bought myself 2 Selenotypus sp. "gem fields" slings to raise, they are 1cm long when stretched out from their front leg to their bag legs, so tiny, its unbeleivable that they get 15cm or so! Will take a few years for them to get some size on them but if they are females they will live for 20-30 years! Next I want some Phlogius sp. "Black presly".



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Yes lol, I can feel the tug of a new obsession..... Already on the look out for more slings!

I keep thinking I feel something on my leg under the sheets! Bit paranoid, maybe keeping them in my room isn't such a good idea.

Holy moly! The guy I got these off sold 50+ in 3 days! He should have more later this season! Can't wait, his prices are great!

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Being bitten by one of these guys can vary in results. They are not considered "dangerous". A bite from this can result in a couple of puncture wounds that has a tendency to get infected. You can be sick for a few hours after as well.

Then they always say my favourite, "people can die from bee stings" so care must be taken.

Please be careful Matt. Mine was nasty. Very quick, VERY strong, mine could lift a glass lid with a brick on it. It stuck it's legs out of corner and lifted with it's back. It would have got out but we tapped the lid on well. It also used to eat live pinkie mice, when it bit the pinkie, the strike was that hard it could break it's back. :-0.

It worked for me to get over my fear. Now not scared of spiders but I have a LOT of respect for them. These guys are a solid spider, nasty looking and make a huntsman look like a cuddly kitten.

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No way I will EVER handle them, for the spiders sake and for mine, I don't react well to spider bites, one got me the other night, I got a,headache and pins and needles up my leg.

I'll be careful! Got a long way to go before he gets to the stage of lifting a brick, he would fit on my pinkie nail at this stage.

They all have different habits, even if they are usually a placid spider they can go berserk for no reason, if you drop them you can burst them abdomen as well.

Did you know you can buy funnel webs Paul? A very popular show is selling a species that is 5times more deadly than the Sydney funnel web, no way in hell that's coming anywhere near my house, I can't believe people buy them!

I must admit, I've been waiting for your reply! I remember you used to keep one.

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You may never want to handle them but as he gets bigger you still have to move them to clean their inclosure. It was a very nervous time in our house. They have such HUGE fangs and I could see venom droplets at the end of them sometimes.

Very interesting pet. Can't wait untill you see it molt. Freaky to say the least. Just make sure you remove the empty shell and not the spider. :-)

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I didn't even think of that, thanks Paul *lol* how did you move yours? I just used a spoon for mine yesterday, what I use for the scorpions as well.

I should hopefully have 5 nuda pedelings next week :D

They dont eat the molt afterwards? Can't wait to see them in post molt colors either!

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No, they don't eat it. Mine was jet black after molting, and hairless. That's how I was certain.

Just remember, before they molt, they look dead. Even on there backs with legs curled up. Don't touch them. They are very cranky and vulnerable at this point.

I used an ice cream container over them and slide the lid under. Gets harder when they are almost as big as the container. :-)

Ps....does your mum know yet????

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My god Matt you do love to tempt fate...

Honestly if I was your mother - you could have a bloody miniature pony in your bedroom for all I cared, but I'd be getting the thong out on little 8 leg there.

I was just thinking about this thread while I was in the work bathroom and took my shoe off to kill a white tail.


Thought of Matt - got the guilts.

Then put the shoe back on and forgot about it.

Bloody white tails.

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